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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just sharing...........................

I am sharing with you some photos of the wonderful 7000 sq. ft. building that my husband and I have built over the last few years.  He is an amazing carpenter and managed to incorporate the design of the building to compliment our 1860 stone house linked to an 1880 log house.
We had a devastating huge fire here at 3:54am on Friday.  Many thanks to the 2 fire departments and 42 firefighters that managed to save my studio for me.  We lost all of my husband's building and woodworking equipment and his collection of boy toys.  15 vehicles burned including my kid's snowmobiles and ATV's...................  Overwhelming.
It will be a while to rebuild but we will do it.
Needless to say there will not be a lot of wooden dolls on my site for a while.  I have some that I have been working on that are safe here in my studio and I will plug along with them and work on some Izannahs.  Patience!
I just thought I would share this even though I seldom put anything personal on my site.
Many many thanks for all the emails that we have received.
 This is my studio on the left end of the "L" shaped building that we built.
This is the woodworking part and my Husband's 4 bay garage that housed his vehicles and tools for his hobbies.
...............................................................Below is what we have today.  Very sad.

No one was hurt and we will rebuild and start again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Old Izannah Walker Doll.........uncovered and back to how she used to look.

I got a little sidetracked today.  I was asked what to do about an old Izannah Walker doll that had been badly repainted many many years I set to and uncovered her original face to see what she looked like before someone fancied themselves to be an artist.  Below you will see the before and after.  Of course I have the permission of the owner to share these photos just so you can also enjoy how charming she really was before the thick over paint! 
It is my belief that many years ago people took it upon themselves to repaint Izannahs perhaps to give to a child because they really could not afford a new doll....or perhaps they thought with all the paint loss and crackling that it would look better with a fresh new look..........or perhaps they wanted to pass down an old timeworn doll to a family member.  In any event, Please do not over paint an Izannah Walker doll.  They are so charming and wonderful just left as they are and they truly tell their own story by the love and wear that they have on their faces and bodies............after all, dolls were and are to be played with and loved for what they are.

Here she was BEFORE I removed the over-paint...................
 Here she is AFTER the over paint was removed. 

If you have an old Izannah Walker doll for sale, please let me know, I am interested in buying old Izannah Walker dolls in any condition. 
If you have an old Izannah in need of some help, feel free to email me:


Monday, October 8, 2012

15" Izannah Walker Doll .......take a look! SOLD

I have not made one of these little Izannahs for a long time.  Last week I decided it was time!
She is so sweet!  Her patina is so wonderful in person.  She looks like she was found in an attic!
She is now finished and SOLD.   This photo is prior to her hair being painted.
If you would like more photos or have questions, just email me:

 ......................and now for the finished photos of this little 15" Izannah Walker doll.



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

12" English Wooden Queen Anne Doll~Chloe..........SOLD

This is Chloe.  She is a 12" hand carved Wooden Queen Anne doll that I just finished.  I have not had a small doll available for a while so it was time to get her finished off and available.
She is dressed in very early faded cotton/linen and has tiny silk shoes.  Love her hat!  So does she.
If you have questions or would like more information on my dolls just email me:


Saturday, September 29, 2012

19" Izannah Walker Doll.....................SOLD


I just finished a  really wonderful 19" Izannah Walker doll, all dressed and ready to find a home. She is wearing the sweetest faded blue dress with butterfly sleeves and a gathered waist and neckline,
Her little ringlets are so sweet and the aging to her head is really believable!  Her petticoat and bloomers are made from Antique fabrics as well.
If you have questions or would like to have more photos of her just email me: 
Dear Kathy, I can't begin to express my delight upon unwrapping this doll! She has such charisma and is able to blend in perfectly with my early antique dolls. The love and attention you put into making these Izannahs is so evident. Such appropriate details including the clothing. This doll has a wonderful karma about her that is usually only found on a well loved favorite doll belonging to a child of long ago. Thank you, Kathy you are truly gifted. My best to you, Linda

Thursday, September 27, 2012

24" Eloise, a hand carved Queen Anne Doll...............SOLD

I have a really wonderful 24" hand carved wooden Queen Anne doll all finished here and available.  I have just named her Eloise.  She is completely dressed and ready to find a new home.  She is exquisite, right down to her hand stitched quilted petticoat!  Her face is truly wonderful and serene and her patina is perfect if I do say so myself!  She is so much nicer than these photos.  Her lace up bodice is very worn cotton/silk velvet and her over skirt is my favourite Jacobean print.
It is time for me to work on some smaller dolls, even though I just LOVE these big dolls!  Eloise stands well or sits well too if you have a lovely chair for her.

If you have questions or would like more photos just email me:


I almost forgot to show Eloise's accessories.  This is her Chatelaine with her pinball, scissors and thimble as well as her hand embroidered pocket!



Tuesday, September 25, 2012

24" Rebecca, Queen Anne Wooden Doll, arrived at her new home today!......SOLD

I have to share a photo of lovely Rebecca.  She just arrived with UPS today after her long journey in a box with lots of packing!  She is a big doll for sure and her arrival has been much anticipated. 
She is SOLD and delivered but I do have her 24" sister here awaiting some clothing and accessories.  If you are interested in photos of her so far just email me.
I just have to share the note I just received from Rebecca's new owner!  Lovely emails like this make it all worth while!  Thank you!
Dear Kathy,

What a great day! The big awaited arrival has finally come !
Here is Rebecca checking out her new home and I think she has decided that it suits her just fine. She declared that she feels right at home in these surroundings. I can't stop looking at her! She is so remarkable ! Every little detail ,every single item is so perfect. She is such a treasure and I am so lucky. I was cleaning house and trying to listen for the UPS man to arrive. I must have had the vacuum on! My husband came into the room where I was cleaning. He had a huge smile on his face and a big box in his hands. I didn't even shut the vacuum off , I just dropped it!! Opening that box was such fun! Her pockets are just so beautiful ,I can't get over them .Her little slippers, cap and that fabulous hat!! Where do I start? She has such a beautiful face .I love her dress ,she looks just perfect in it. The colors really set off her face. Thank you so much ! You made this a great experience and I loved our emails . I feel like I have a new kindred spirit for a friend!
Oh and thank you for the lovely little pin! I am putting that on my favorite jacket. Rebecca is going with me to Connecticut . I think the ladies in the workshop will love to see her!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

24" Olivia, English Queen Anne Doll..............SOLD

Olivia arrived at her new home today but I thought I would share a photo of her and the kind email that I just received.

Olivia was a custom order.  I so enjoyed working on this doll and all of her accessories.
Hi Kathy:
Olivia has arrived!!! Words cannot express her loveliness! She is more wonderful than I expected, and her photos, as fabulous as they are, don't compare to how gorgeous she is in person!. She is so finely detailed....I can hardly believe it. Her features are so delicate and just absolutely stunning. I don't know how you do it Kathy! You are such a wonderfully talented amaze me!!! And, your sewing skills are beyond compare. The teeny tiniest little stitches and perfect little seams! How on earth do you make these great accessories? The corset is exquisite! And the embroidered pocket is gorgeous and looks original. She is absolute PERFECTION! Love the fabric choices and the quilted petticoat is precious too. Just LOVE her!!! Thank you so so much, and for your attention to detail. You are the finest doll artist I know....I am so very pleased and feel very fortunate to have her in my collection.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

And now for the Unveiling of 24" Amelia............SOLD

I am working on a couple of orders for wooden Queen Anne Dolls right now.  People have been asking why there have not been any new dolls available and this is why.
I do have a 24" Wooden Queen Anne that is not spoken for as of yet. Just email me for more information and photos if you like.
Here is a sneak peek of the 24" Wooden Queen Anne doll that is available:

Amelia is now finished and SOLD............

Amelia is now SOLD.
If you would like more info just email me:

........................................more photos later today.


Amelia is now SOLD!
She is dressed in antique block printed linen, and wears silk slippers.  Her chatelaine goes with her as well, of course!
Any questions, just email me:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here she is!! 19" Izannah Walker Doll.................SOLD


 If you have questions, or would like more photos just email me:
Thanks for looking. 
This doll is SOLD.

Hope you enjoyed all the photos!
I just love this Izannah!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I am pleased to introduce you to 11" Lily-Ann, my latest English Wooden Queen Anne doll......SOLD

This is Lily-Ann.  She is 11" tall and has a very sweet face.  Her flat hat and dress are all handmade with some early cotton that I have been coveting!  She is dressed in shades of mutted mauve, taupe and a touch of red.  Love these colours on her!
She has tiny hand stitched slippers.  Hanging from her waist are a tiny pair of scissors and her little vinaigrette.  Under her dress she has a very full hand stitched petticoat..
I hope you enjoy the photos.
Lily-Ann is SOLD.

If you have questions or would like more photos, just email me:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

11 1/2" William Higgs 1680's English Wooden Doll........SOLD

I have an 11 1/2" William Higgs wooden doll finished and SOLD.
I have not made a Higgs doll in quite a while and this one will not disappoint!  Her face and patina are wonderful and her small size is very endearing.  She is dressed in fine antique wool paisley.
If you have questions or would like more photos of Irene Higgs, just email me.



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

15" Izannah Walker doll in the making....................Finished and SOLD

I have been painting!
I just had to share some photos of this little head.  I am just working on her dress and then she is SOLD.
She is now finished.  She had antique under garments and her calico dress is made from early calico and all finished by hand by me.
The photos are pretty good but they do not do her justice.  She has such nice warm colouring and her fabrics are not as bright white as they show in the photo.   I need camera lessons!

If you have questions or would like more photos just let me know.


Both of these Izannah Walker dolls are now SOLD.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

20" Izannah Walker doll finished ......................SOLD

Just to let you know, I have finished another Izannah Walker doll.
I have just posted a bunch of photos for you to see, although she is so much nicer in person than these photos show.  She is 20" and fully dressed............She has 3 pieces of antique undergarments and a 2 piece outfit that I love!  The fabric is antique calico from about 1870.  If you would rather have a different style dress or a different colour, just ask.  I have lots of antique fabrics to choose from and can custom make a dress of your choice.  She is now SOLD.



The other Izannah sold very quickly and I know there were some disappointed people that did not have a chance at her so if you are thinking you might want an Izannah please let me know as this one is not spoken for..............yet.  She is now SOLD
If you would like more info, just email me:
Absolute perfection! How on earth do you do it? I love her aged appearance, and all the little nooks and crannies on her face! She has marvelous coloring. I really like the color you give to the has a real antique look to it. And her features are so very fine. You must have paint brushes with just 2 or 3 hairs a piece in them to get the details so delicate. Her dress is a work of art as well. Again, you have impeccable workmanship and the dress and undies are spot on!
 I am so glad to have bought a sister to my other Izannah. They are going to look so fabulous in my doll room.
Thanks Kathy! xoxo!