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Saturday, April 18, 2009 Higgs type wooden doll


Here is baby Higgs. Her name is Lily and she is 15" long not including her long baby gown.

Enjoy! for more photos, just email me.

17" Annie..... SOLD


Here is Annie, probably the closest I have come to carving the very early Higgs type dolls.

They were originally carved by William Higgs around 1680-1690.

I love this style of doll, although they were known for their painted eyes rather than the glass eyes that are so associated with Queen Anne dolls today. Glass eyes came later.

This doll is 17" tall. She is dressed in very early french cotton print and has delightful little silk shoes/slippers that I have made for her. The wear on her is intentional and if you could see this doll, you would agree, she looks old!

Her knees and hips are jointed and her arms are linen at the tops, just as the originals were.
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