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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

23" Lady Eloise, A New Hand Carved Queen Anne Wooden Doll................SOLD

LADY ELOISE.............SOLD
Here is the lucky doll that I hinted about yesterday.  She is the one to wear the silk slippers shown below.  Lady Eloise is 23" tall and fully jointed and quite amazing, if I do say so myself!  You will see......scroll down, I have posted LOTS of photos but she still is so much nicer in person.  Lady Eloise is hand carved by me from Basswood that grew on our 200 acres here and has fully removable undergarments and accessories that I made just for her  If you are interested in a large hand carved wooden Queen Anne Doll, and like to sew, she would be a wonderful doll to make a trousseau for.  If  you would like any more photos, just email me and I will send some:

Note:  I do have a 2 piece gown available for this doll, scroll down and you will see.
Just email me for more photos.........

Antique chemise
Hand stitched antique petticoat which ties in the back
.............and a pair of hand quilted antique pockets

                                                                Red/coral glass beads
Hand stitched mop cap

Antique black glass pupiless eyes

SOLD .....Lady Eloise sits or stands well 

This is Lady Eloise in her fabulous 2pc gown that laces up the back with tiny hand stitched lacing holes.


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I hope you have enjoyed seeing Lady Eloise!
She is finished and SOLD

Saturday, November 8, 2014

11" Pricilla, A Handcarved English Wooden Queen Anne Style Doll.....................SOLD

Meet Pricilla!
She is 11" tall and so sweet.  She is dressed in panels of antique and vintage silk fabric and wears a wonderful antique very full petticoat beneath her gown.  Her tiny shoes are also hand made of silk.  She carries her tiny masquerade mask as well. Her eyes are antique glass black pupiless eyes and her lids and brows have the tiniest dots.  She is a very dainty doll and her patina is really wonderful and so much nicer in person than in these photos. 
If you would like more photos or have questions just email me:
Pricilla is SOLD.