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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

18" Queen Anne Wooden Doll.........................Soon To Be Finished.................AVAILABLE

I have been working endlessly on Grace, an 18" hand carved  fully jointed wooden Queen Anne doll with antique glass eyes.  Her clothing is amazing and so much detail, which I love!  Right down to her silk slippers she is amazing.
I hope to get some photos of her later today and I will post them.
If you wish to see what I am up to prior to that, just email me and I will send you some quick photos of her so far.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

12" Very Sweet Queen Anne Wooden the works..........SOLD

I just thought I would share a photo of a doll that I started quite a while ago.  I will show you her darling little face.  She is all ready for some sparse hair and to dress now.
If you were looking for a doll to dress yourself, let me know as I could sell her undressed if you contact me before I start sewing for her.  She has no name as yet.
She is 12" tall.
If you would like more photos of her just let me know..........



Wednesday, May 13, 2015

16 1/2" Cecilia~Hand Carved Fully Jointed Wooden Doll...................SOLD

Meet Cecilia.
I have just posted some new photos to try to capture her face and colouring better............scroll down............
She is 16 1/2" tall and dressed from head to toe in early Paisley (my favourite).  The colours in her fabrics are truly wonderful.  She looks like she is ready to sit down and sew for the ladies of the castle.  Charming!  Black dolls are very hard to take good photos of but trust me, she is so much nicer in person.
Cecilia is SOLD.
If you would like more photos or have questions just email me:
These are Cecilia's silk shoes!

Ignore the shine, that is my flash.....UGH!



 Cecilia is soooooooooo much nicer in person!
She is SOLD

Monday, May 4, 2015

30"+ Hand Carved English Wooden Doll in the Works, meet Clementine! ..........................SOLD

Clementine is amazing...  HUGE!!!
This is the largest English wooden that I have carved in this style.  If she were old, she would be from the very late 1700's or early 1800's.  Her patina is wonderful and she truly does look old.  Much nicer in person but you get the idea.......................
She would need a large chair........or she stands well on a large doll stand.
I have decided she needs a big name so I have called her Clementine.  I will keep showing photos of her as she nears completion.  Keep watching!
Clementine is now finished and SOLD
Scroll down to see lots of photos of her.

Clementine is SOLD

I am working on her high empire style high waisted petticoat..............all made from antique whites with great old patina to match her cap.
She will also have a gown.......soon!

Every stitch on this 1700's cap is hand stitched..........the tiniest stiches you have ever seen!

...................and her silk shoes are finished now!


 She sits well.....
 Just had to share this photo sweet!
Clementine stands a little over 30" tall and she is SOLD
If you have questions or would like more photos just email me:

Saturday, March 28, 2015

17" Hand Carved Wooden English Queen Anne Doll and Baby...........................SOLD

............more photos just added!

Doesn't this look like an English Nanny and baby or child?
The Larger doll, Ellen, is 17" tall and fully jointed.  The Sliver Sister Baby is 7" tall.  Both are dressed in antique fabrics.  Ellen's dress is early cotton with a bit of wool in it I believe.
If you would like more photos or info just email me:

17" Ellen is SOLD........

The Sliver Sister baby is SOLD.
I could make another one though if anyone should want one.

Baby is SOLD





Thursday, March 12, 2015

17 1/2" Laura, A Hand Carved English Wooden Doll..........................SOLD

Meet Laura.  She is so delightful!  Laura is all hand carved and jointed and fully dressed in antique fabrics and lots of hand stitching.  Her shoes are silk and she has an amazing petticoat with very tiny hand stitches.  I made her a matching pocket to compliment her gown.  She sits and stands well.  If you would like more photos just email me.  The sun streaming in here today was making photos difficult and she is so much nicer and more serene looking than in these photos. I have added some "in the works" photos for you to see as well from when I was working on her.
If you would like more info, just email me:

Laura is on the left is SOLD
The other doll on the right, Annie, is SOLD



Sunday, February 22, 2015

Annie, 18" Hand Carved, English Wooden Queen Anne Style Doll........................................SOLD

For those who have been asking what I have been up to, here she is!  Meet Annie.  She is 18" tall and hand carved with Basswood that grows here on our 200 acres.  She has such great patina and I can't resist showing you her body as well while I was working on her.  Annie is so much nicer in person but I have put a lot of photos on here for you to see.  She has Antique black glass eyes and such a sweet little mouth and some attitude!  Her cap is amazing.  The stitches are so tiny and the pieces that I used to make it are from the mid 1700's.  She has a lovely petticoat with again very tiny hand stitches and a bum roll that gives her that nice wide hip area so that her dress sits well on her hips.  Those tiny ruffles on her cap and neck area are all hand stitched with the tiniest of stitches.  I hope she gets a good home.
I hope you enjoy seeing her.  If you have questions or would like more photos just email me:




I must post the following lovely email that I just received:
Annie arrived safely to her new home in New Jersey.  I think she has just the right amount of attitude to fit in here : - ).
You are so special.  I don't know if you are reincarnated or what, but you really feel the dolls.  I know I see it all the time on your site about the pictures not capturing the true essence of the dolls.  I generally think - they look great to me...what could be better?  Well, as I've seen in many of the comments, the doll in person is better - truly unbelievable.  Annie is so great to hold and everything about her is perfect.  The bonnet, as you said is amazing - are your eyes bionic?  I've only seen work like this in antique items.   I love Annie - she has touched my heart.  She has, as you said attitude, but I can see an amazingly quick wit and a very sincere soul in her face. My boyfriend who does his best to understand my antique dolls noted that she looks very "Colonial", which is right on track!  I will send you some photos once I've gathered some gifts for her.  I want to know if you think they are suitable and appropriate.  On my wish list are....a doll like  9" Sugar or Honey, a small sliver sister baby and my favorite of your dolls (next to Annie) - Beatrice - listed in 2011.
With Sincere Thanks