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Friday, April 18, 2014

Lady Eliza Higgs, 13 1/2" Wooden Doll.................AVAILABLE

I have just put these new photos of Lady Eliza Higgs on my site.  She is 13 1/2" tall and AVAILABLE.
I had some photos of her here when I had her mate, Lord Harry Higgs available.  When he sold I forgot to add photos of Eliza showing that she is available.  I LOVE this doll.  Her patina is wonderful and she is dressed in very early silk.  Her head swivels and if you scroll down to the last photo you will see her head laying in my hand so you can see the wooden peg that inserts into her torso and allows her head to turn and pose her nicely.  My old William Higgs doll was made this same way and I have copied the torso and head from my original 1680's wooden doll.
Her body is wonderful!
If you would like more photos or have questions, just email me:
Lady Eliza Higgs is AVAILABLE

Eliza has a swivel head, just like my old William Higgs doll had.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

17 1/2" Camilla, hand carved Queen Anne style doll...............SOLD

I am again posting a lot of photos of this doll so you can see her through her journey of being made, at least being dressed!
This is 17 1/2" Camilla.  She has such a beautiful face and great patina and I hope you can see this well in the photos I am posting. She is fully jointed at the hips and knees and is jointed at the elbows as well with Linen and she has wooden upper arms. Dear Camilla is dressed in the most amazing 1700's hand embroidered silk jacket that I made for her.  I hope you can see all the tiny stitching.  He lace up corset is form fitting and exquisite for her outfit.  The Silk that I used for her skirt is nothing short of wonderful.  She also has a very full, hand stitched petticoat that ties at the waist.  Her cap and slevelettes and lace at her neck are made from very early silk lace that dates about 1750.  Her cap is stitched on but all other clothing is removable.  I have put a couple stitches in the back of her skirt but they can be removed if you wish to take her clothing off or perhaps make her more clothing.  Camilla's long apron has the most wonderful hand stitched, white on white crewel work on the bottom of it and every stitch on the apron and ties are all hand done.  Her pocket of course matches her jacket and is the last morsel of that amazing hand embroidered silk that I had left.  If you would like more photos of Camilla or if you have any questions, just email me:
Camilla is SOLD.




Saturday, March 29, 2014

15 1/2" Elena is now finished..................SOLD

I have been working for a few days on Elena's clothing.  She is Eugenia's younger sister but about the same height.
She is now finished and SOLD.  Elena is fully jointed and sits or stands well.  Her gown is silk and is not nearly as dark as the photos towards the bottom of this post.  She has such a sweet face.  She looks much younger than her sister.  She has silk leading strings on the back of her gown.  Her petticoat is very fine and full and she has a bum roll that makes her gown stand out nice and full.  Her gown is a bit longer in the back and slightly trails behind her.
I have just added a few photos of her lovely face.  Her patina looks so old and wonderful I just had to share. 
If you have any interest or questions just email me:

You must take a look at Eugenia and Elena in their new home:
SOLD promised, lots of photos of Elena finished:





Tuesday, March 25, 2014

15" Eugenia, Hand Carved Fully Jointed Wooden Queen Anne Doll.................SOLD

Here are some quick photos of Eugenia.  She is 15" tall, fully jointed and has antique glass eyes.
She is dressed in Antique silk and early tarnished metallic trims.  The shades in her gown are very muted and soft and not as yellowish as these photos look.  The silk is more light beige, cream and a faded soft green.  She has quite an old look and some attitude!  Eugenia's patina is much nicer in person.
If you have an questions, just email me:



Monday, March 17, 2014

Meet Elspeth, 17 1/2" fully jointed English Wooden Doll.............SOLD

I am so pleased to show you Elspeth.  I have posted lots of photos for you to see.  The very early silk that her gown is made of is not as bright as it seems in these photos.  I think my flash and the sun in here this morning have caused this. 
Elspeth is fully jointed and has upper and lower wooden arms with linen joints so she really poses well.  She is an amazing doll in person and so much nicer than these photos.  Notice her leading strings on the back of her gown.  She is a lovely young lady and looking for a new home.  Elspeth is SOLD.

The true colours of her gown and shoes are Mustard gold, cranberry and a very faded teal blue.


See her leading strings on the back of her gown............I just found this interesting tidbit that I will share:  1740's The leading strings on the back of the dress indicate that the doll is a teenaged girl. It became common for unmarried teenaged girls to have leading strings on the back of their gowns to show that they were still under parental control.


If you would like more info or photos just let me know.
Elspeth is SOLD

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lord and Lady Higgs..........Hand Carved Fully Jointed Dolls.........SOLD

I could not wait for you to see what I have been up to here.
Meet Lord and Lady Higgs, Harry (SOLD) and Eliza (AVAILABLE).  I am so pleased with these two swivel head William Higgs style wooden dolls.  Harry is 14" and Eliza is 13 1/2".  They are available and can be purchased together or separately.  (shhhhhhh.....don't tell them this, they love each other!)
I am putting a bunch of photos of them on here for you to view tonight and then tomorrow I will try to get some better photos.  The sun was just pouring in here today and it was really hard to take photos.  I guess we should not be complaining about the sun!
If you have any questions just email me:





Sunday, March 2, 2014

19 1/2" Izannah Walker doll with ringlets............................SOLD

I will be adding more photos as soon as I can but I just wanted to share some photos of my latest 19 1/2" Izannah Walker doll that is finished and SOLD.
She is a bare foot Izannah with handmade socks and shoes.  She also has amazing antique undergarments that consist of bloomers, petticoat and a darling chemise, all made from hand stitched very early pieces from the England.
Her dress is amazing and again made from early calico from about 1850-1860.  It is faded brown and faded reddish pink.  I also made her a calico bonnet that co-ordinates with her dress.  I do not care for bonnets on Izannah dolls but they are wonderful to display with them.
Enjoy these photos for now and as soon as the sun goes down I will take some more.  If you have any questions or would like more photos before I can get them on here just email me:
Thanks for dropping by!


This Izannah has really wonderful ringlets!!
7 of them, 5 across the back and one on each side of her head in front of her ears.

Ignore the shine on her head, that is my flash.  She has a wonderful warm patina.

Here are some "in the making" photos so you can see her wonderful undies!

................and of course her dress.  Love the antique fabric, ignore the messy work area!

I just have to share the lovely email that I just received from the lady who bought this Izannah!
Joy oh joy, there’s great excitement here with the arrival of Izannah ‘three’ whom i have named Charlotte. Kathy, she is so lovely, her dear little face has the sweetest expression... oh my, and her clothing is perfect in every way, simple adorable.. i love the fabric and i love how her sweet chemise can be exposed over her shoulders.  Oh her sweet little socks & shoes, there’s so much loveliness, i just can’t put her down, there’s so much to take in, i don’t want to miss a thing lol. Thank you also for the fabric scraps, which i will include in the quilt i plan to make for her.

I thought you’d like to see a photo of the three Izannah sisters. I’ve placed Charlotte, on the cane chair in my bedroom, with her sisters.. i’m so pleased they fit together so snugly.  Charlotte’s a little taller than her sisters and she looks just right in the middle, don’t you think?  

I love that they all look similar, but with very individual facial expression. They are lovely beyond words, Kathy, and i truly appreciate the love and care you put into creating each of these unique dolls... i love and treasure my Izannah dolls!!

Thank you so much,


Saturday, February 8, 2014

23" Fanny, A Wonderful Fully Jointed Queen the making and now finished...........SOLD

I am sharing a LOT of photos with you today.  I could not be more pleased with 23" Fanny.  She is fully jointed and all of her clothing is totally hand stitched and removable.  Every piece is made with very early 1700's and early 1800's silks and cottons......right down to the thread that I used to hand sew these things for her.  The quilted silk petticoat with the and embroidered hem is to die for!!!  Her pocket matches as well.  Fanny's hips and knees are fully jointed wood and she sits and stands well.  Her arms are jointed and the elbow with linen and she has upper wooden arms as well.

Keep scrolling down.  There are at least 20 photos of Fanny and her finery and showing her getting dressed.........I have added more photos of her since my first post this afternoon.  She is now all dressed and has found a good home.
 Still does not have her sparse hair on yet...........


 Every stitch on this cap is hand stitching......

 Fanny's stomacher
 ..............and her silk hand embroidered pocket
 Silk shoes of course!
 Every stitch on this silk quilted petticoat is done by hand, including the embroidery.  This piece is from the 1700's and just to die for!!

 Petal bottom silk embroidered jacket that is fully lined and of course all hand stitched.

 Long sleeve chemise and petticoat for under her quilted silk petticoat/skirt

..........and Fanny needed a chatelaine with a pinball..........


I had a few people email me today and say how they enjoyed the photos so casually taken in my studio, even with all the mess and the iron and ironing board showing so I will post photos of her all dressed now..........on the ironing board! 
Fanny really is so much more wonderful in person.  I just can't tell you how pleased I am at the way she turned out right down to her silk shoes.
No need to write more as the photos speak for themselves. 
If you would like more info or you think you might be interested in owning Fanny just email me:
Fanny is SOLD with all of her finery that you see in the above photos.