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Sunday, July 13, 2014

18" Penelope, My Newest Hand Carved Wooden Queen Anne Doll..........................SOLD

Take a peek!
This is Penelope.  She is dressed in some wonderful 18th century embroidered silk that is so wonderful and she wears it well!
Her little shoes with heels are silk as well.



Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lady Bess is a 16" William Higgs 1680's Hand Carved Wooden Doll in the making.....................SOLD

I just thought I would share some photos of the 16" William Higgs doll that I have been working on.  Lady Bess is all carved and aged and ready for clothes.  Her body is so nice that I thought you would like to see her Naked!  This doll has a swivel head as you will see in the photos.
She has been sitting on my counter for a couple days so I could enjoy her just the way she is.  I love them undressed!
I best get sewing!!
I just added a bunch more photos of Lady Bess and her clothing that I have finished.
If you have any questions or are interested in this doll just email me:
Thanks for dropping by...................
Lady Bess
In the making.............



..................and now I am working on her clothes.  Take a look!



Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sweet Sliver Sister Baby.....................SOLD

Sara thinks this baby is hers!  (Sara is 24" tall and AVAILABLE)
She let me take some photos of the new Sliver Sister Baby.  The baby is all dressed in early lace that is the most wonderful aged shade of ecru.  She has little legs that are hinged at the hips.  The gown is much longer than the doll.
If you would like more photos or have questions just email me:


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Isabelle, 17" Fully Jointed Wooden Queen Anne Style Doll Circa 1750 (with removable clothing)...............SOLD

Meet Isabelle.  She is 17" tall and fully jointed.  All of her clothing is removable and beautifully finished inside and out.  If someone wanted to make a Queen Anne more clothing, this would be a great doll to dress.  I can see her with an antique trunk and lots of things in her trousseau.  Her 2pc dress is made of the finest early wool and the bodice is all lined.  It ties at the back with tiny silk ribbons for easy removal.  Her petticoat is wonderful and all hand stitched tucks.  Isabelle has really great patina.  I hope you can see this in the photos I have posted. 
She is all hand carved and has antique black pupiless glass eyes with tiny dotted eyebrows.
If you are interested in Isabelle, or would like more photos of her just email me:
Isabelle is finished and SOLD.


Monday, May 19, 2014

24" Sara, A Huge Hand Carved, Fully Jointed Wooden Queen Anne Doll......................SOLD

I am so pleased to share photos of Sara with you today.  I have taken some "in the works" photos of her so you can see her body and undies.  She is a most impressive size, 24" tall.  She stands and sits well.  She is a very large doll for sure.  Her head is about the size of an orange.  I have posted lots of photos of her in hopes that you can see her wonderful patina etc.  Sara has beautiful antique black glass eyes and tiny dotted eyebrows.  Her arms are cloth jointed at the elbows and she has upper wooden arms.  You will see a photo of her hip area and fully jointed legs as well.
She is dressed in Antique fabrics for her gown, petticoat and silk shoes.  I love her shabby antique ribbon at her neck but if you do not, she can have some beads to replace it.  The lace that I used for her cap is early 18th century and so wonderful!
I hope you enjoy seeing Sara.  If you have any questions or would like more photos of her just let me know.
Sara is looking for a good home, she is SOLD

Hi Kathy, Sara arrived safe and sound!     She is beautiful - she just takes my breath away!  I can't quite find the words to describe how wonderful she is, and how happy I am to have such an amazing doll!  She truly looks old - the fabric is amazing, her hair, her sweet face, everything about her is just perfection!  I'm thrilled beyond measure to be able to give her a good home!  Thank you for making such amazing, beautiful historic dolls!




Excuse the mess in my studio!
I hope you enjoyed seeing all the photos of Sara.
Sara is SOLD


Monday, May 12, 2014

11" Bella, Hand Carved Queen Anne Doll~~Fully jointed....................SOLD

I am pleased for you to meet sweet Bella.  She is 11" tall and fully jointed.  Bella is dressed in some very early fine cottons that are perfectly faded and have wonderful patina.  She has tiny silk shoes and a hand made flat hat to complete her spring attire.  Her patina is really quite amazing and it so much nicer in person.
Enjoy the photos!
Bella is SOLD.
If you have questions or would like more photos, just email me:



Hi Kathy,
        Bella arrived safe and sound, and she is just stunning!  I absolutely love her, and I'm so thrilled to own one of your beautiful dolls!   The workmanship is just impeccable - truly a work of art!  And I really love her name - it fits her perfectly.  Thank you very much!   Bella is already mentioning how much she would love to have a sister! 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

24" Lord Leopold, ready to meet his Lady!...........................SOLD

As promised I am posting the union of Lord Leopold and Lady Elizabeth................
As written buy their owner.

" It was LOVE at first sight. Lady Elizabeth took one look at Lord Leopold. She  knew then that they would spend the rest of their lives together. Although neither spoke a word, they shared that same thought.
The handsome guest was invited to tea, but he would stay forever."

Dear Kathy,
He arrived at 7:26 p.m. In time for tea.
LE and I are both in love. LL is perfection. You were right he is much better in person. He is dressed impeccably. Such fine fabric could only come from the best producers in the world.
Again thank you for making this wonderful doll for me. I am already thinking about children. They will have to wait awhile. I don't want anyone to think that LE is a
fast woman.
Meanwhile, I will enjoy them both tremendously.
Have a great day,

This doll was a custom order for a very patient lady.  All of his clothing is removable and lined as requested.  I just had to share some photos of him with you so you could see how much detail went into this doll.  This week he will meet his Lady Elizabeth friend that I made a couple years ago.  I am promised a photo of the two of them together and I shall share that photo as well.