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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Annie, 18" Hand Carved, English Wooden Queen Anne Style Doll........................................AVAILABLE

For those who have been asking what I have been up to, here she is!  Meet Annie.  She is 18" tall and hand carved with Basswood that grows here on our 200 acres.  She has such great patina and I can't resist showing you her body as well while I was working on her.  Annie is so much nicer in person but I have put a lot of photos on here for you to see.  She has Antique black glass eyes and such a sweet little mouth and some attitude!  Her cap is amazing.  The stitches are so tiny and the pieces that I used to make it are from the mid 1700's.  She has a lovely petticoat with again very tiny hand stitches and a bum roll that gives her that nice wide hip area so that her dress sits well on her hips.  Those tiny ruffles on her cap and neck area are all hand stitched with the tiniest of stitches.  I hope she gets a good home.
I hope you enjoy seeing her.  If you have questions or would like more photos just email me:





Tuesday, January 13, 2015

14 1/2" Jenna, Hand Carved Fully Jointed Wooden Doll....................SOLD

I am so pleased to show you my first doll of 2015.  She actually was started long ago but I thought it was time to get her dressed for you to see.
Jenna is 14 1/2" tall and has antique black glass eyes.  She has such personality!!
Her dress is very fine sheer fabric that is very early and suits her to a "T".
Her apron is cotton and removable.
Black dolls are VERY hard to photograph as you will see.  She has such nice fine detail which I hope you can see.  The Camera is making it look like she has a shine to her face, she does not.
If you have any questions just email me:
Jenna is SOLD.


Ignore the shine on her face, that is caused by my camera.

Jenna is SOLD


Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

15 1/2" Justine, an English Wooden Queen Anne Doll...............................SOLD

Meet Justine.  She is fully jointed and hand carved by me.  Her eyes are antique black glass pupiless eyes.  She is wearing a fabulous full antique silk gown with embroidery in shades blue/greens and gold and wonderful tarnished metallic threads.  Justine's shoes are silk and have silk bows and tarnished antique buckles.  She has a mischievous little smirk that is so endearing!  She is very dainty and looks like a young lady of the mid 1700's.  Her patina is amazing.  Justine is so much more lovely in person.
I hope you enjoy seeing her.  If you would like more photos or have questions just email me:
Justine sits or stands well........


She needed a pocket and Chatelaine with a pinball!


Justine arrived at her new home in Australia today.
I must share the lovely email that I just received:
Kathy, there was great excitement when I went to the PO late yesterday afternoon. There was a special delivery awaiting collection.  Hmmmm i wondered... what it could be??? I couldn’t remember ordering anything,, and I certainly didn’t expect it to be from you, not this quick! But... then I spotted your signature doll sticker and I let out a tiny squeal.. ohhhhh what a wonderful surprise!!!
It was all a bit of a mad rush to get home and unpack my dear little Justine, before heading down to Melbourne, for a family dinner. It was a combined b’day dinner for my eldest son’s girlfriend, as well as a farewell dinner for my daughter, Jade who came home for Christmas and is jetting back to London UK, on Saturday.
OMG I don’t know anyone who wraps better than you!! Layer upon layer of bubble wrap, not to mention all the sticky tape LOL!! Believe me, I'm glad you do!!!
I finally released her from her bubble wrap, ever so carefully... and there she was, my sweet little Justine... beautiful beyond words!! Oh Kathy, you’re so right, she is so much nicer in person, quite unbelievable really!!! She has the sweetest angelic face, and I love her wispy hair peaking from her little lacy cap. Her eyes are captivating, they really draw you in.. it’s quite mesmerising, and I love her delicate silky hands.. I can’t stop stroking them, they feel so soft and smooth. I am in awe of you beautiful craftsmanship, how do you do it??!! I would love to spend a day with you in your studio, just to sit and watch you work.. what a treat that would be!
Kathy, Justine’s outfit is divine, the antique silk is exquisite.. I've never seen anything like it!!! The petticoat is adorable.. the attention to detail is mind boggling!! All the teeny tiny stitches... and oh my, that adorable little pocket.. and her delightful shoes.. I'm in awe!!! You’re amazing!!!
Words cannot describe how happy and grateful I am to be the lucky owner of one of your amazing Queen Anne dolls... my very own QA Justine, she’s a little treasure and I LOVE her so much!!
I can’t wait to introduce her to the Sliver sisters, and the Izannah sisters.. I'm sure they’ll love her too!!

 Thank you....

Marian x


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Playing with dolls as they should be............

Do take a look at this link!  This is what playing with dolls is all about.  Thank you to Peggy for showing us how it is done!
Merry Christmas and all the very best for the upcoming year.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

11" Rose, an Amazing Little English Wooden Queen Anne Doll Dressed in 1700's Silk....................SOLD

I am thrilled to offer you Rose.
She is all hand carved by me, using basswood that grows here on our 200 acres.
Her eyes are antique black glass pupiless eyes and her face is so sweet.
She is small but amazing.  Her patina is so wonderful, you would swear she is old.
Rose is dressed in some fabulous 1700's silk and metallic trim from the same era.
Her tiny shoes are silk as well
Rose is SOLD 
 Rose is SOLD



She has the sweetest little face

Rose has a lined detachable train that hooks on the back of her gown.
Rose is SOLD

Sunday, December 7, 2014

6" Sliver Sister Pincushion doll...............SOLD

Here is the latest Sliver Sister Pincushion doll.  She is only 6" tall and dressed in some marvelous small Jacobean linen. 
If you have any questions or would like more photos just email me:
She is SOLD.

This face would make anyone SMILE



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

23" Lady Eloise, A New Hand Carved Queen Anne Wooden Doll................SOLD

LADY ELOISE.............SOLD
Here is the lucky doll that I hinted about yesterday.  She is the one to wear the silk slippers shown below.  Lady Eloise is 23" tall and fully jointed and quite amazing, if I do say so myself!  You will see......scroll down, I have posted LOTS of photos but she still is so much nicer in person.  Lady Eloise is hand carved by me from Basswood that grew on our 200 acres here and has fully removable undergarments and accessories that I made just for her  If you are interested in a large hand carved wooden Queen Anne Doll, and like to sew, she would be a wonderful doll to make a trousseau for.  If  you would like any more photos, just email me and I will send some:

Note:  I do have a 2 piece gown available for this doll, scroll down and you will see.
Just email me for more photos.........

Antique chemise
Hand stitched antique petticoat which ties in the back
.............and a pair of hand quilted antique pockets

                                                                Red/coral glass beads
Hand stitched mop cap

Antique black glass pupiless eyes

SOLD .....Lady Eloise sits or stands well 

This is Lady Eloise in her fabulous 2pc gown that laces up the back with tiny hand stitched lacing holes.


If you have any questions or would like more photos just email me:
I hope you have enjoyed seeing Lady Eloise!
She is finished and SOLD