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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Email Address for Kathy

Good afternoon!
For a lot of you that have not heard from me for while, I am moving on the 15th of June.  Due to the move I have to reluctantly change my email address.  You currently have as my email but effectively now I am asking you to update your address book and replace my old email address with my new one effective immediately.  The old email address will not be working at all very shortly and I don't want to miss hearing from you!
My new email address is:         
Please start using this email address now.
Many thanks,
Kathy Patterson

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Just a little busy here!!

For those of you who faithfully follow my dolls and all that goes on here in my studio, I must explain:
Our house finally sold to a family that is so excited to be moving into our piece of heaven.  I have also bought a fabulous renovated 1929 School House that I will be delighted to show you once we move and get settled in.
In the midst of this, on the 20th of March,  my son had an ATV accident and has a badly broken leg that required major surgery and then again emergency surgery so caring for him has been consuming my doll making time completely,  and in-between running to doctors and hospitals to see surgeons I have been packing and trying to prepare for this move on my own.
I am exhausted to say the least.
I do not normally share personal things on my site but felt I needed to explain the lack of new dolls to show to you.
Prior to the Nick's accident I had been working on some dolls and they will certainly be available............soon, I hope!
Wish me well, and keep checking back.  Doll making will resume!


Thursday, March 24, 2016

14" Agatha Higgs a Hand Carved Wooden 17th Century Style Doll............SOLD

I am so pleased to show you 14" Agatha Higgs.  She is now finished and SOLD.  Her patina is fabulous, so much nicer than in these photos.  She has an amazing William Higgs style body  and is jointed and the knees and hips.  Her upper arms are linen.  She is dressed from head to toe in very early embroidered silk and the most amazing early, slightly polished, faded linen that is scrumptious!
The lace that I used for her cap and sleevelets is from the 1700's and came from England.  You will see that Agatha has her Chatelaine hanging from her waist and she is ready to do some sewing with her tiny scissors and thimble and pinball that I made for her.
She has a swivel head which makes her pose so nicely. 
If you would like more photos or have questions just email me:


Thanks for looking...........
I hope you enjoyed seeing Agatha Higgs
She is SOLD.
Just to share:
      Hi Kathy,
           Agatha just arrived!  How exciting to see such an amazing work of art!  I love her!  Wow, this beautiful doll is just exquisite.  Her face is very sweet, with so much personality.  Her gown and shoes are the dream of any well-dressed lady. With her wonderful little sewing chatelaine, I'm sure she is busy dreaming of the next beautiful gown that she will design and sew.  I think I'll dream right along with her!  She is just perfection, and I can't quit staring at her.  Thank you so much!

Monday, March 14, 2016

24" 1790's Queen Anne Hand Carved Wooden Doll in the Works!.......................SOLD

She is nameless so far but I just had to share some photos.  This doll is a BIG one!  She is 24" tall.
She will be finished off today.  As you see, no sparse hair or necklace yet.  I am dressing her in her antique undergarments only.  If someone likes to sew they could make her a dress but I love her in her undies and ruffled cap.  She is still being worked on but take a look.  She is SOLD.
If you have any questions or would like more photos just email me:

She has great patina!  She looks like she was well loved and found in an attic.


Tiny hand stitching on her wonderful antique petticoat.

No hair yet but you get the idea.........

Just about ready to get dressed.......

She still needs hair and some beads!
Almost finished............

Monday, March 7, 2016

Meet 10" Myra Hand Carved, Very Sweet Black Doll....................SOLD

This is Myra!
She is so sweet all dressed in her antique cottons from head to toe.  Her little flat straw hat is removable.  She usually likes to wear it when out in her garden though........
It is so hard to get good photos of her face so trust me when I say she is sooooooooooo much nicer in person.
Take a look!
If you have any questions or would like more photos just email me:
Myra is SOLD.



Myra is SOLD


Wednesday, March 2, 2016

15 1/2" Lyla................So Sweet! Hand Carved, Fully Jointed Queen Anne Wooden Doll..................SOLD

Meet Lyla.  She is so sweet with her flat straw hat on!  She is fully dressed in antique embroidered silk with fine metallic threads. 
She is SOLD but I just had to share a few photos of her.


Must share this lovely email:
Hi Kathy,
                      I thought I heard a truck outside, and feeling hopeful and excited, rushed to the window. It was indeed the UPS truck delivering my beautiful Lyla!   Couldn't open the box fast enough. Oh, she is so very beautiful!  I love her soooo much!  I'm just thrilled beyond measure with her.  She is just truly a vision in gold, with the beautiful goldenrod embroidered silk dress, to the pretty gold silk ribbon adorning her dress and hat, and shoes.  She has such a beautiful, sweet expression on her face.  Just lovely - a stunning, amazing doll from head to toe.  The sweet little pinball adds the perfect touch!  Thank you! Your craftsmanship is truly impeccable.   I looked up the meaning of her name, and it is so fitting for her.  Here's what I found:  "Lyla - dainty, pretty, and loaded with antique charm".  Those words do describe this beautiful doll. Just perfection!   I will sit and admire her all afternoon!  Thank you so very much!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

13 3/4" Wilma Higgs, My Newest Hand Carved Wooden Doll Circa 1680.............SOLD

I am so thrilled to show you Wilma Higgs now that she is all finished.  She is just a bit under 14" tall and all hand carved and jointed.  I have posted lots of photos of Wilma here for you to see.  I could not be more pleased with this doll.  She has wonderful patina and is dressed in some amazing antique silk.  These photos do not do her justice at all but if you like the photos, you will LOVE the doll.
She has little silk shoes as well of course and a simple hand stitched petticoat.
You will see that she asked for a handmade pinball to hang from her waist as well so she has one.
the ruffles are her neck and on her sleeveletts are antique and so tiny and are all hand stitched as well.
If you have questions or would like more photos just email me:
Wilma Higgs is SOLD.

These are Wilma's sweet little silk shoes



Jointed at the hips and knees. Wilma sits well.

Must share:
Dear Kathy,

Wilma Higgs arrived right on schedule and I am so delighted with her! She is so lovely! Her gown, cap, and shoes are exquisite! The workmanship and the tiny stitches are stunning! The carving and painting are wonderful! You are the best "early English wooden" doll maker!!! Thank you so much for creating Wilma!