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Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Izannah Walker reproduction to share.................

Here is the latest Izannah attempt on my behalf.
She is ready to go now to her new owner. 
I just had to share some photos of her before she leaves.
Thanks for looking,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Izannah Walker #2 finished and ready to travel...................SOLD

..she is one lucky doll to have 2 dresses!
If you are interested in the next Izannah Walker doll made by me, or if you have questions  or would like more photos, just email me:

#2 Izannah....almost finished, take a look!

...............and now to pick a dress........or two!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My First Izannah Walker Doll

Well, what an adventure this has been.  After much encouragement from a dear friend, to actually agreeing to try one and then buying an old Izannah for study, to actually attempting to make one.............................Here she is, finished.
I always said that I only wanted to make Izannah dolls if they looked old and loved and this one does.
She is exact from my old one from the tip of her shoes to the top of her head.  She is 19" tall, just like my old one.  The ageing and painting is just as my old one would have been if she had more paint left on her!  Stitching those hands and fingers was a chore and my hat is off to Izannah Walker, she had patience!
I have made her bloomers, petticoat, chemise and dress all from antique fabrics and antique clothing.  She is exactly made as the old ones were with the exception that I took an actual mold off of my old Izannah so that she would truly look like an old one right down to the worn face, stockinette showing and worn spots with the old stuffing showing under the stockinette.
I am very pleased with her and she shall have sisters in the future.  My passion is the early English Queen Anne woodens, but these Izannahs present a challenge that I am up for and enjoying as well.
I hope you enjoy seeing her.
If you have questions, or would like more photos of my newest project just email me
Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

To all of you Mother's I hope you have a wonderful day.
My day started with a homemade card and a tissue paper rose from my loving son and a computerized sticky note from my computer savvy daughter!  It is the world that we live in, but it all means the same.....Love.
Then I looked out the window to see Snow, yes in May!!!
I just thought I would share this photo of some of my work from yesterday.
Today is a good day to stay in and work on the 5 Sliver Sisters that now have faces.
They will make you smile for sure.
Have a wonderful Mother's day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Nora Higgs.......................23" tall!

This is Nora Higgs.  She is finished and on her way to Alaska.
I just  thought I would share a photo of her when she was custom finished for her new owner.
If you scroll down you will see photos of her in the making along with her 2 smaller sisters.
One sister is Clare Higgs (SOLD) and her other sister is still undressed but not for long!
If you are interested in an undressed Higgs style doll now would be the time to let me know before I begin to dress the last sister.
If you would like more photos of the 2 dolls that are available for sale at this time just email me:
Thanks for visiting me today!

Patience......the Re-enactment doll..............

I just thought I would share a photo of Patience, she is a custom doll that I made for someone that does re-enactments.  She has very little wear to her face, as she is meant to look like the mid seventeen hundreds.
She was 21" tall and a very serene face.  She will be dressed by the owner.
If you have a thought for a doll that you would like to have custom made for you, either dressed or un-dressed just email me:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Clare Higgs is finished now.............and going to live in Russia.


I managed to get Clare Higgs finished and some photos taken so you can see her. She is now available for sale.
Clare is 18" tall and fully jointed.  She is dressed in some very early hand woven wool paisley and has her matching pocket on too (I am aware that paisley is not early enough for these 1680 style dolls but I love paisley and perhaps she could have been re-dressed much later since original clothes were likely to have deteriorated in 300 years).  She is wearing her pocket on the outside so you can see it. Her clothes are all made of antique fabrics and hand stitched from top to bottom.  Her hair is sparse and and her cap is made from a wonderful antique piece that I had here for a while just waiting for the perfect doll.  Clare is it!  She will still get her shoes made as well, maybe even today!
She is totally hand carved from basswood that grows on our 200 acres here in the North. 
Clare is now looking for a home and if you would like more photos of her or her great body or more information, just email me