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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And now for Ruby...........21" Higgs style......


Ruby is a 21" Higgs style that is carved as the Queen Annes were in about 1680. She is full jointed and hand carved from basswood. Her eyes are painted and have the signature 2 dots that William Higgs always did on his dolls.

Her long over dress is very early silk that is worn and has mends from many years ago, just adding to her old look. Her underskirt is silk with silk looped fringe. Her shoes are handmade of some wonderful silk brocade that I had and was saving just for her.

This lady's head is quite large, just to get an idea of her size, Ruby's head is about the size of a small grapefruit! She is a big doll! This is the largest Higgs I have carved so far.

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20" Ally is finished...............


Here is Ally. (on the right)

She is 20" tall and full jointed. Her eyes are antique black glass eyes.

Her dress is hand made of antique cotton.

Her slippers are silk and hand made by me as well.

If you would like more photos, just let me know.

She is now finished and looking for a new home.

She actually has been finished for about a month but I needed her and some others for some photos for a magazine. They are all now ready to go and I will put the others on here for you to see shortly.......................thanks for looking!