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Friday, March 29, 2013

21" Maud, an Early American Cloth Doll................SOLD

This is Maud, she is Sadie's sister and measures 21".  Maud's head is so charming and worn looking and she has a sweetness about her. 
She is all dressed in early antique faded calico from the 1850's.  She is tattered and aged could fool anyone walking into a room and seeing her perched in an antique chair.  Her antique leather arms are nothing short of fabulous!  These dolls are so charming and interesting to me.  I just had to try to make a couple.  Sadie was snapped up in minutes so if you have any interest in Maud just email me and I can send you some more photos if you like.
She is now SOLD.


I hope you enjoyed seeing Maud.
She truly is charming and so much nicer in person than in these photos!
She is SOLD.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sliver Sister Pincushion doll......................SOLD

Meet Ms. Pinny, she is 7" tall.  She is hand carved and dressed in early fine antique linen. 
Her face will put a smile on your face!  These little dolls are so charming.
She is SOLD.
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Monday, March 25, 2013

22" 1850's American Cloth Doll................SOLD

I just had to try making one of these American cloth dolls with the painted faces and early faded clothing.  Of course sewing is my favourite part!  Her name is Sadie and she is 22" tall.  She quite likes her look in my country kitchen!
She is tattery and faded and worn but all in all I am pleased with her.  Sadie was a challenge for me to try and I hope you enjoy her photos.
Sadie is my number one of this type and signed and dated.
If you have any questions, Just email me:
Thanks for taking a look.



She arrived at her destination today and I have copied the lovely email that I just received from her new owner:
When I got home from the store, she was waiting at the back door. I couldn't wait to get that box open and Wow ! She is absolutely, Positively everything I thought she would be, just wonderful ! I see a future for these Dolls ! I love her so much. I flipped out over the Socks you sent and I bet you didn't even know that I was a Sock fanatic !!!!! I adore socks and these are some of the greatest I have ever seen ! Thank you so much. I know Sadie will be happy here and well loved,, you did a fabulous job on her as only you can do. I look forward to Maud pictures as she evolves. Thank you Kathy !

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My First 19" Bare Foot Izannah Walker Doll ................SOLD

This is a first for me, a bare foot Izannah Walker doll completed and she is Fabulous if I do say so myself!
She has wonderful matching 3pc undergarments just like old Izannahs and little socks!  Her dress is made from some very early rare calico in shades of madder, cream and mauve.  I made her a pinafore apron with trim.  Just to make her special she also has a straw bonnet trimmed in companion faded fabric to match her dress.  She has 5 soft ringlets across the back of her neck and a ringlet on either side of her face.  Lots of fine painting in this hair style!  She is special! 
She has darling little shoes that I made just for her that very closely resemble the old early shoes of her time.
She is so much nicer in person than these photos.  Her dress is not nearly as bright as it looks here.  The fabric is fabulous and early.

If you have questions just email me.

I decided to share a few photos of her as I was working on her...................She is now finished and SOLD.



 I almost forgot to show you her straw bonnet with trim to match her dress!

This doll is soooooooo Izannah!