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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Presenting~~ 20" Mae, my newest English Wooden Queen Anne doll......SOLD

Ms. Mae is finished.  She is so much nicer in person but do click on any photo to make them larger or see a slide show of her photos.  She has antique black glass pupiless eyes and she is fully jointed.  Her gown and flat hat are made of antique silk.  Mae is quite a large doll measuring in at 20" tall.  Mae stands or sits well if you have a chair her size.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11 1/2" English Wooden Queen Anne~~Margie...............SOLD


Here is the first doll for 2012!  She was actually started late last year but she got set aside during the holiday festivities.  In between working on some other dolls here I thought I should get her finished some photos on here for you to see.
Meet Margie.  She is 11 1/2" tall and fully dressed in antique silks and has an antique metallic stomacher.  She loves her flat silk hat that matches her dress and her handbag.  She has wonderful tiny silk shoes to match her gown.
Margie has antique black pupiless eyes and a very sweet face with just the perfect amount of aging to her face and the patina is so much nicer than in these photos.  Click on any photo to make it larger.
She is all finished and looking for a home.
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Thanks for looking and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I must share the email that I just received from Margie's new owner:

I have a new favorite doll!!! Margie arrived today and I love her. She is such a great size and I love her proportions. I actually love everything about her……the clothes are wonderful. She has such a nice color combination and because the fabric is not patterned the trim and bodice look so nice. Her hat and handbag and shoes…..what can I say….it is love. I also really love her dark eyes and sweet expression. Thank you Kathy for another wonderful doll, maybe the “wonderfulest” (as my grandson Gabe used to say) one yet. I am really, really happy with her.