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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

As promised..........Lady Anne.....finished photos


Here is the delightful Lady Anne.

She measures about 22" tall. She is totally carved of basswood and is similar to a doll that was carved in the mid 1700's. She has huge black pupiless glass eyes that are antique. The dotted eyebrows and eyes lids are just as the old ones were done. Click on any photo to see a full screen photo up close.
Her tiny hand bag is made of silk velvet and she has a secret key for something?? It just seemed fitting. Her dress is silk and her underclothes are made of antique parts from a petticoat. She has wonderful detail and ageing to her face and body.
I made her little silk slippers just for her to match her dress.
I have a lot of photos of Lady Anne so if you would like to see more, just email me
She is now available for sale. She is my pride and joy so if you are interested in purchasing Lady Anne please let me know.

Attie is finished.....

I have just listed Attie on Ebay with more photos of her # 270414231067 she is on a buy-it-now if you are interested take a look. SOLD

I made Attie a while back when I made Millie. Attie just never got clothes until now.

She is 16 1/2" tall and fully jointed. Her clothes are made by me of Antique cotton fabrics that I have been saving for just the right doll. Attie has a more casual look than some of the big woodens I have been carving lately.

Attie's eyes are antique glass eyes that are pupiless black, just as her 300 year old sisters had.

She has a wee pocket that is removable and her bodice laces up the back and could be removed if you wanted to un-lace it. She has an antique cotton Petticoat that I made from an old petticoat. Her Mop/cap is stitched on.

If you have questions or would like to see more photos of Attie, just email me

I had promised finished photos of Lady Anne, the big 22" wooden that I finished last week. They are coming later today as soon as I put her on a stand to get some better photos of her silk gown.

Check back later to see her. She is quite an amazing doll.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lady Anne is almost finished.......

Tonight Lady Anne shall get her hair sewn on and then she shall be complete.

She measures 22" tall from her silk slippers to the top of her head. She is dressed in light weight silk brocade in shades of cranberry, sage, golds and a wonderful shade of blue-green.

Tomorrow there should be photos of her completed and then she will be for sale. If you have questions or would like more photos just email me ...........I will be sewing late tonight to get her finished off.

See her wee hand bag with tiny silk tassels and a mystery key!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lady Jayne is now finished.....


Here she is all dressed up her finest silks.

She measures just over 20" from the top of her antique lace cap to her silk slippers.

She has a much more refined Queen Anne style face than some we more commonly see. She is typical of a doll of about 1740. She is nicely aged. Click on any photo to see a close up.
Her eyes are antique black glass pupiless hand blown eyes that I have been saving for a big doll. She is Big!
She stands well or sits easily with her jointed hips and legs.
She loves her silk brocade shoes, and what lady wouldn't!! I love making them.
If you would like to see more photos of Lady Jayne, in the making, just let me know.
Thanks for looking............

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lady far....

Lady Jayne is actually finished but I had forgotten to post some photos of her as I was making her.
Here are a few photos of her in the making.
Tomorrow I shall post the finished photos of her for you to see. She is about 21" tall and similar to a Queen Anne doll from about 1730-1750 with a much more detailed and refined face than some others from her same time period.
Check tomorrow for her finished photos.
Thanks for looking.
If you would like to see more photos of Lady Jayne in the making, just email me.