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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Annie, an 18" Hand Carved Wooden Queen Anne Style Doll......................SOLD

I am thrilled to show you Annie.
She is 18" tall and fully jointed.  She stands and sits well.
Where should I start?  Annie has antique black glass eyes and really wonderful patina that you need to see in person to appreciate.  She looks old!
She is dressed in early cotton print and wears an antique petticoat with the tiniest hand stitching.  Her bum roll makes her gown sit beautifully on her hips.  Her apron, cap and embroidered shawl collar are all made from very early pieces from the UK.  She has a lovely pinball that I made for her looped over her wrist and that comes with her as well.
Her shoes are handmade from early silk brocade.
I think Annie was either a Nanny or a Seamstress or perhaps the lady that polished the silver at the palace!  I spend so much time making that these dolls and they seem to speak to me along their journey to completion.
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ANNIE IS 18" Tall


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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

11" Laura, Hand Carved Wooden Doll.............................SOLD

Meet Laura.  She is all dressed in antique cottons from head to toe.  She is hand carved and jointed at the hips but not at the knees as she is small.  She measures 11" tall.
Black dolls are so very hard to get good photos of and I assure you she is so much nicer in person and does not have shine to her face.  she really does have very fine features that are not showing up well in these photos.
I have not made one of these dolls in a long time so I went all out on her clothing.  She really is lovely.
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I forgot to mention Laura's jewelry!


Thanks for looking.
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