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Monday, September 30, 2013

16" Georgia, Hand Carved Wooden Queen Anne Doll............SOLD

I am pleased to show you this 16" fully jointed wooden doll that I have just finished.  I often get asked if I would make a doll, like the very large wooden Queen Anne dolls that I make, but smaller.  Here she is!  This doll is only 16" tall but has all the detail of the larger dolls that I love to make.
I have posted several photos here for you to see Georgia.

If you would like more photos, or have questions, just email me:
Georgia is AVAILABLE.

Look at all the tiny stitches!


 I will share the lovely email that I received from the lucky lady who received Georgia today:
Oh Kathy, to say I am thrilled would be to put it mildly. She is exquisite in every way, perfection. Her eyes seem to hold the secrets of the ages . She looks like she has been in this world a long, long time. The clothes and shoes are  magnificent , but then I would expect nothing else from you ! She is another treasure I will cherish and thank you for being the great person that you are !  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

24" Lady Elizabeth, Hand carved English Queen Anne and her Trousseau...............SOLD

I finally have Lady Elizabeth finished and she has tried on all of her clothing and all that comes with her in her Antique Box.  If you scroll down you will see the trousseau, but I have yet added more since then.
I will be posting her and her finery right now.
She is 24" tall and outstanding!
She has been months in the making and I must say, I have outdone myself!!
There are a lot of photos so do scroll down.
At the end of this post I will list all the items that she comes with as well.
If you would like more photos of anything or have questions feel free to email me.  This doll is my pride and joy!

Just take a peek at her little secret box!
I took photos as I dressed her for her debut!




Not all of her items are shown on her in these photos but here is a list of what she comes with:

I took photos as I was dressing Lady Elizabeth.  She is not wearing all of her things that come with her.  Everything she owns is hand made and hand stitched by me using very early silks, lace, cottons and metallic with wonderful Antique patina.  She is a treasure both in her underpinnings or fully dressed.

Here is what she comes with:

Antique Box that fits her perfectly as if she came out of an English Attic

2 pair of silk shoes

One pair of stockings

Fabulous Chatelaine with pinball etc.

Fine ladies handkerchief

Antique cotton gathered chemise that ties on her

Lace up hand quilted corset with lacing needle

Hand quilted petticoat with tie waist

Matching hand quilted pockets that tie on

One hand embroidered pocket that ties on

Finely ruffled mop cap

2 lace caps

Flat straw hat

Flat silk embroidered tie on hat

Antique silk bag

Tiny fabric covered and lined little secret box

Wonderful Antique metallic stomacher with tabs to pin on

Panelled Antique silk skirt, lined with antique polished cotton lining 

Panelled petal bottom 3/4 Antique silk jacket, also lined

Tie on Antique lace sleevelets

Tie on Antique lace apron
Tie on plumper

Monday, September 16, 2013

Meet George, 21" Hand Carved Wooden Doll..............SOLD

George is 21" tall and fully dressed in clothing that I made from antique fabrics.  His clothing is not removable as I have stitched it on to keep it all in place on him.  He is so charming in person. He is fully jointed and sits well too.  He is hand carved from Basswood.  Black dolls are so hard to photograph so I assure you his patina and detail to his face is so much nicer in person.  He has antique black glass eyes.
George looks like he might have been a worker at the Palace!  Perhaps he drove a carriage or kept the grounds or was a helper to the prince. 
I have really enjoyed making him and watching him come to life.  This is the first male doll that I have ever made and he really has a presence about him.
If you would like more photos or have questions just let me know:
George is SOLD.




Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lady Grace is a 23 1/2" Hand Carved English Queen Anne Doll.......................SOLD

Meet Lady Grace.  She is 23 1/2" tall and fully jointed.  I have missed making these very large dolls and she is my first one since our devastating fire here last fall.  I LOVE making these big dolls.
Lady Grace is the sister doll to one that I am working that will be sold with the trousseau that I shared with you a few weeks ago.  Scroll down to see that if you like. 
Lady Grace is hand carved just as the early Queen Anne dolls from the mid 1700's were.  She has a great profile and I have put several photos on here for you to see.  Her patina is wonderful and she has antique glass eyes.  She is so much nicer in person than in these photos.  Her clothing is all hand made from early antique linen and they are all removable............just in case you would like to make her a wardrobe.  Note her delicate hands and sweet little silk shoes.  She sits well or can stand with a doll stand placed up under her very full skirt.  She also has a flat hat that I forgot to put on her when I took these photos.  If you would like more photos or have questions just email me.
Lady Grace is SOLD.

Lady Grace




Thursday, September 5, 2013

Millie, the 17" English Queen Anne doll in her underpinnings!.....................SOLD

This lovely young lady is all finished and looking for a home.  Her name is Millie.  Her patina is really wonderful in person.  She is fully jointed and hand carved from basswood, just as the old ones like her from the late 1700's were.  She has delicate carved forked hands as well.  Her eyes are antique glass black pupiless eyes.
She is 17" tall and wearing her totally hand stitched underpinnings.  She has a fabulous hand quilted petticoat with matching hand stitched corset and pocket to match as well.  All clothing is removable  and hand made by me from some wonderful early antique fine linen.
She has tiny silk shoes as well.  If you like to sew, you could make her a whole wardrobe but I love her in just her undies!
She is finished and available.  If you have questions or would like more photos just email me:

Millie is SOLD


I hope you love her!!