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Thursday, June 29, 2017

16" Gemma In Her Finery!..................................SOLD

Gemma is a hand carved doll that was a custom order but I thought I must share even though she is SOLD.
Black dolls are so hard to photograph without getting a shine to the face.  I will share anyway.


I hope you enjoyed seeing Gemma!
Look at this wonderful photo I just received!
Just had to share:
Hi Kathy,
I thought I would give you an update on the ladies…while Annie is fond of Arden, she may be a bit “much” for her sometimes.  Arden is chatty, full of energy and has a tiny mischievous streak.   I do think she stretches Annie to the limit on occasion.  On the other hand, Gemma adores Arden and I think they are going to get along very well.  Arden has already given Gemma her prized purse as a welcome gift.  With the two of them spending so much time getting acquainted, maybe Annie can get some of the “quiet time” she longs for….

Thank you for your lovely creations.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

19" Hand Carved Wooden Queen Anne Style Man Doll...........................................SOLD

I just had to share even though he is SOLD.
He is so handsome and off to meet his bride to be!
This was a special order that I have been working on for quite some time but have permission to share photos................ 




Thanks for looking...........
..........................and then "Will" finally met Georginia

Happily ever after! :) 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

2 Undressed Hand Carved English Wooden Dolls.........................SOLD

Occasionally I offer an Undressed Hand Carved English Wooden Doll for Sale as I get requests from people who wish to dress a Queen Anne or William Higgs type doll themselves. 
I have a couple AVAILABLE.
I have been doing a lot of carving lately and got a bit ahead of my self with dolls ready for clothing.
If you have any interest in an Undressed doll as you wish to sew for one yourself please inquire and I can send photos. 

This is the type of head I am carving right now in two sizes.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Meet 10" Lillian a Hand Carved English Queen Anne Wooden doll..........SOLD

Meet Lillian in all her silk finery!
She is 10" tall and has wonderful patina and bulgy antique glass eyes.  Such a sweet face.  She looks like a young girl to me.  The antique silk she is wearing is so perfect for her.  All in all I could not be happier with this little doll.  She is so much nicer in person than the photos.  She has a little carved bust line too.  Her tiny stockings are amazing hand knitted and her darling little shoes are embroidered silk to compliment her gown.
If you have questions or would like some more quick photos just email me: 

10"  Lillian is SOLD.
I just posted new photos of Lillian.
The colouring in the above photo is most accurate.

Lillian is SOLD

....details, details....

Her tiny silk shoes