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Friday, December 16, 2016

Festive Photos I Must Share.................................Merry Christmas to all..............

No need for captions........just keep scrolling down

Such Eye Candy!
Amazing Photos and I Just Had To Share
Photos are courtesy of "The Forest Hearth"
To see more of this collection and the fabulous way it is displayed and enjoyed, click the link below:
Merry Christmas to all and all my very best for a Happy and Healthy 2017! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sliver Sister Pincushion.........................SOLD

Just in time for Christmas, or if you just need a smile, this charming Sliver Sister will put a smile on your face.
She is 7 1/2" tall and dressed in early silk that has wonderful metallic threads woven through it and the patina is old and amazing.  She also has some exceptional early silk and metallic rosebud and bows trim at her neck. 
This doll has attitude and her face is guaranteed to make you smile this Holiday Season!
She is now SOLD 
If you have questions or would like more photos just email me
I am working on her sister as well, inquire if you like:  



Thursday, December 1, 2016

Just have to share......................

This custom ordered glass eyed 1680's William Higgs type doll is SOLD and in her new home, but I just had to share.

Click the link below to see more fabulous room settings that feature a lot of my dolls and truly show them being enjoyed and played with to the fullest.  The details in these rooms are so meticulous and breathtaking.  Take a look, you will not be disappointed!! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Early Doll Chatelaines with Antique silk Pinballs........................AVAILABLE

I have a few Doll Chatelaines that I had started a while back and have now finished. 
There are 7 here AVAILABLE.  These have great patina and truly look old.  Perfect for old wooden dolls and any early doll or French doll.   If you would like more photos of any below just let me know.  I do have several more of the little antique silk pinballs made up in a few sizes and all in different silks.  If you wish to see them and have a custom Chatelaine made up that is possible as well.
The ones you see here are AVAILABE and ready to ship.  Prices range from $75.00 to $115.00 including shipping.  Just inquire:

Note: A couple have now SOLD to do email to see which ones are still available



Any questions just email me:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

You must meet Arden, 10 1/2" Hand carved Wooden Queen Anne Doll.......................SOLD

I hope you enjoy seeing Arden.  She is so full of detail and truly stunning all dressed in silk and amazing tiny hand stitched ruffles and lace.  Her little tie on silk hip pads make her wide paneled silk skirt hang perfectly over her very full antique petticoat again with the tiniest of hand stitching.  Arden's tiny silk shoes are to die for!  The patina on this doll is amazing and truly she is so much more wonderful in person.
Arden is SOLD
I have posted LOTS of photos of Arden.  If you have any questions feel free to email me:



Her tiny silk shoes are to die for!


Thanks for looking.
I hope you have really enjoyed all the photos of Arden.
Arden is SOLD.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Smile! Sliver Sister Pincushion Doll........................SOLD

These faces just make me Smile!
Enjoy these photos of my newest Sliver Sister Pincushion doll.
If you have questions or would like more photos just email me:


I am working on her sister!
Please inquire if interested

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Meet 17 1/2" Matilda, Hand Carved Queen Anne Doll............Stunning!..................SOLD

I am thrilled to show you Matilda.  She really is stunning!  I hope the photos do her justice.  Her Silk gown is completely hand stitched and the very early lace that I used for her is all hand made and from the amazing with the original patina.  Her Shoes are also 1700's silk as are her hand knit stockings that are so fine them must have been knit on pins!  Matilda's face is so beautiful and serene with just the perfect aged look to her. 
She is fully jointed.  Her beautiful hands are wearing fingerless kid leather mittens typical of this time period.  Almost forgot to mention her apron..........breathtaking!
She is all finished now and looking for a good home. 
If you would like more photos or have any questions just email me
Thanks for looking


17 1/2" MATILDA



Friday, September 30, 2016

14" Elizabeth Higgs..........Do Take A Look! ............................SOLD

I am thrilled to present to you Elizabeth Higgs in all her finery.  She is 14" tall and has a swivel head, fully jointed, leather fingerless gloves, a 3 piece Chatelaine, tiny cross necklace and of course all dressed up in early antique fabrics and lace.  Her jacket is just the most exquisite early silk damask that is kind of a pumpkin/coral shade.  She has amazing patina  and real personality!
Almost forgot to mention her tiny hand knit antique stockings and silk shoes trimmed in amazing early ribbon work.
She is stunning from top to bottom.
Elizabeth is all hand carved from Basswood.
Elizabeth Higgs is SOLD
If you would like more photos or info please email me:
I hope you enjoy all the photos.




I hope you have enjoyed meeting Elizabeth Higgs!
Elizabeth Higgs is now SOLD