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Sunday, April 25, 2010

One doll is now dressed and there is one Higgs type that is un-dressed but available for sale too.

I have not posted a doll for a bit now. Sorry.
I have been recuperating after some skin cancer surgery, again. I am just finishing up a couple of doll orders and then back to some new Higgs dolls that I have painted but not dressed. There are 3 of them ready for clothes. One will be about 18"(available), one 19" and the largest yet 23" (SOLD). If you are interested in seeing the faces of these dolls just email me and I will send photos. Any of them can be dressed custom at this point or sold undressed if you would like to do the clothes yourself.
Note: there is also a 14" doll with glass eyes that is available as well.......I almost forgot her! (SOLD)
If you have questions or would like photos just email me at

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reunited in Nova Scotia..............

I received this great photo today from and friend and doll collector and I just had to share it with you.  The is the lovely Celia in her new home with her new baby~~one of the Sliver Sister dolls that I did a month or so ago.  Thank you Judith.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Emma Higgs........SOLD

This is Emma Higgs.  She is 19" tall and fully jointed.  She is in the 1680's style of the the William Higgs dolls from the William and Mary period.
Every stitch on this doll, including her petticoat is all done by hand.  Emma's bodice is very early hand stitched embroidery on wool.  Her hair is very sparse like her much older sister's.  Today she will get a hand made pinball from a waist hook on her skirt.
Other than that, Emma is finished and looking for a home.  If you would like more photos of Emma Higgs or have questions, just email me.
thanks for looking.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Higgs is available.....

Here is what is happening here far.   The doll on the left is sold but the one on the right in the foreground is available and being worked on right now.  She will be a little over 20" when finished.  I have lots of photos and if you would like to see more or have questions, just email me
Thanks for looking!

Friday, April 9, 2010

21" Belinda Higgs.......................

This 1680's William Higgs style doll is affectionately named Belinda Higgs.  She is just over 21" tall and all hand carved from basswood that grew here on our property.  She is fully jointed and has that very round Higgs style head with painted eyes and very red cheeks.  She has wonderful patina and a very sweet face.  Her clothes are all cottons and linens that are antique.  Her pocket is all hand stitched embroidery and made just for her.  She has a pinball that hangs from her waist hook and an apron with tatters from all the works she does....................ya right!
She is a delightful doll and worthy of a nice place amongst early dolls.
That was quick!  Belinda Higgs is sold and moving to Alaska.
If you would like more info or photos of Belinda Higgs just email me

Sunday, April 4, 2010

She is finished and available..................SOLD

Happy Easter to all...................
It is so beautiful here today and warm that I sat out on the porch and finished off this little hand carved wooden black doll that I had started a while ago.  She is just under 11" tall and has jointed hips and glass eyes and tiny carved hands.  Love her faded fabric!  She is a little more folky than the Queen Anne dolls that I have been doing but she is very sweet.  She is much like her Sliver Sisters but she has glass eyes rather than painted eyes.
She is now SOLD.  If you would like more photos or information just email me
Have a great day!