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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Emma Higgs........SOLD

This is Emma Higgs.  She is 19" tall and fully jointed.  She is in the 1680's style of the the William Higgs dolls from the William and Mary period.
Every stitch on this doll, including her petticoat is all done by hand.  Emma's bodice is very early hand stitched embroidery on wool.  Her hair is very sparse like her much older sister's.  Today she will get a hand made pinball from a waist hook on her skirt.
Other than that, Emma is finished and looking for a home.  If you would like more photos of Emma Higgs or have questions, just email me.
thanks for looking.


Michele said...

Kathy, she is amazing. Do you use authentic antique textiles for the clothing, or do you just make it look "real". Do you do all the hand sewing, as well as the doll creating? I'm so curious about it all........wish I could watch a video of the whole process! Michele

Christine LeFever said...

Looks as those the hand sewing question is in vogue today. You have tremendous patience along with your talent to hand sew.



Finegan Antiques said...

Once again you have out done yourself. What a BEAUTIFUL lady!


Heckety said...

Oh she's amazing! And congratulations on selling her so quickly!

natalie said...

wow! I cannot believe that every stitch is done by hand! that is remarkable!
Thanks for showing us!
regards, natalie