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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lady Bess is a 16" William Higgs 1680's Hand Carved Wooden Doll in the making.....................SOLD

I just thought I would share some photos of the 16" William Higgs doll that I have been working on.  Lady Bess is all carved and aged and ready for clothes.  Her body is so nice that I thought you would like to see her Naked!  This doll has a swivel head as you will see in the photos.
She has been sitting on my counter for a couple days so I could enjoy her just the way she is.  I love them undressed!
I best get sewing!!
I just added a bunch more photos of Lady Bess and her clothing that I have finished.
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Thanks for dropping by...................
Lady Bess
In the making.............



..................and now I am working on her clothes.  Take a look!



Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sweet Sliver Sister Baby.....................SOLD

Sara thinks this baby is hers!  (Sara is 24" tall and AVAILABLE)
She let me take some photos of the new Sliver Sister Baby.  The baby is all dressed in early lace that is the most wonderful aged shade of ecru.  She has little legs that are hinged at the hips.  The gown is much longer than the doll.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Isabelle, 17" Fully Jointed Wooden Queen Anne Style Doll Circa 1750 (with removable clothing)...............SOLD

Meet Isabelle.  She is 17" tall and fully jointed.  All of her clothing is removable and beautifully finished inside and out.  If someone wanted to make a Queen Anne more clothing, this would be a great doll to dress.  I can see her with an antique trunk and lots of things in her trousseau.  Her 2pc dress is made of the finest early wool and the bodice is all lined.  It ties at the back with tiny silk ribbons for easy removal.  Her petticoat is wonderful and all hand stitched tucks.  Isabelle has really great patina.  I hope you can see this in the photos I have posted. 
She is all hand carved and has antique black pupiless glass eyes with tiny dotted eyebrows.
If you are interested in Isabelle, or would like more photos of her just email me:
Isabelle is finished and SOLD.