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Monday, September 30, 2013

16" Georgia, Hand Carved Wooden Queen Anne Doll............SOLD

I am pleased to show you this 16" fully jointed wooden doll that I have just finished.  I often get asked if I would make a doll, like the very large wooden Queen Anne dolls that I make, but smaller.  Here she is!  This doll is only 16" tall but has all the detail of the larger dolls that I love to make.
I have posted several photos here for you to see Georgia.

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Georgia is AVAILABLE.

Look at all the tiny stitches!


 I will share the lovely email that I received from the lucky lady who received Georgia today:
Oh Kathy, to say I am thrilled would be to put it mildly. She is exquisite in every way, perfection. Her eyes seem to hold the secrets of the ages . She looks like she has been in this world a long, long time. The clothes and shoes are  magnificent , but then I would expect nothing else from you ! She is another treasure I will cherish and thank you for being the great person that you are !  

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