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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

20" Izannah Walker doll finished ......................SOLD

Just to let you know, I have finished another Izannah Walker doll.
I have just posted a bunch of photos for you to see, although she is so much nicer in person than these photos show.  She is 20" and fully dressed............She has 3 pieces of antique undergarments and a 2 piece outfit that I love!  The fabric is antique calico from about 1870.  If you would rather have a different style dress or a different colour, just ask.  I have lots of antique fabrics to choose from and can custom make a dress of your choice.  She is now SOLD.



The other Izannah sold very quickly and I know there were some disappointed people that did not have a chance at her so if you are thinking you might want an Izannah please let me know as this one is not spoken for..............yet.  She is now SOLD
If you would like more info, just email me:
Absolute perfection! How on earth do you do it? I love her aged appearance, and all the little nooks and crannies on her face! She has marvelous coloring. I really like the color you give to the has a real antique look to it. And her features are so very fine. You must have paint brushes with just 2 or 3 hairs a piece in them to get the details so delicate. Her dress is a work of art as well. Again, you have impeccable workmanship and the dress and undies are spot on!
 I am so glad to have bought a sister to my other Izannah. They are going to look so fabulous in my doll room.
Thanks Kathy! xoxo!


Elena said...


Resa said...

How wonderful she is! She is as close as she can be to the real deal. I predict she won't be available for too long!

Judi Hunziker said...

Oh Kathy is by far the best one I have ever seen in a reproduction. I sure wish I could afford her, I would buy her in a heart beat! Have a great day, Judi

Helena said...

очень интересный блог с огромным удовольствием буду дружить!