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Thursday, August 2, 2012

And now for the Unveiling of 24" Amelia............SOLD

I am working on a couple of orders for wooden Queen Anne Dolls right now.  People have been asking why there have not been any new dolls available and this is why.
I do have a 24" Wooden Queen Anne that is not spoken for as of yet. Just email me for more information and photos if you like.
Here is a sneak peek of the 24" Wooden Queen Anne doll that is available:

Amelia is now finished and SOLD............

Amelia is now SOLD.
If you would like more info just email me:

........................................more photos later today.


Amelia is now SOLD!
She is dressed in antique block printed linen, and wears silk slippers.  Her chatelaine goes with her as well, of course!
Any questions, just email me:


Dorash said...

Hello and nice to meet you, I very much like your dolls and how love and knowledge, do you put them with accessories.but to my great regret I most simply can admire pictures, but I would really like to know what you write ...I have a request could you put in your blog translator ...Many thanks in advance

Dorash said...

Kathy thank you very much, now not only see but also to read, I will eagerly await your new doll ... they are wonderful :)

Heather said...

What a stunning face. You have such an amazing talent, Kathy. All your dolls seem like they have such a rich history. Amazing work!

maddyrose said...

Kathy, you've done it again. This is an amazing doll with such wonderful detail in her costuming and accessories. She's really beautiful.

pamela said...

this is an amazingly beautiful work of art! thank you so much for putting up these photos, I'll spend hours looking at your past posts.
One question, how on earth do you get the glass eyes in the wood like that!
I keep staring at it and can't figure it out!