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Monday, March 14, 2016

24" 1790's Queen Anne Hand Carved Wooden Doll in the Works!.......................SOLD

She is nameless so far but I just had to share some photos.  This doll is a BIG one!  She is 24" tall.
She will be finished off today.  As you see, no sparse hair or necklace yet.  I am dressing her in her antique undergarments only.  If someone likes to sew they could make her a dress but I love her in her undies and ruffled cap.  She is still being worked on but take a look.  She is SOLD.
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She has great patina!  She looks like she was well loved and found in an attic.


Tiny hand stitching on her wonderful antique petticoat.

No hair yet but you get the idea.........

Just about ready to get dressed.......

She still needs hair and some beads!
Almost finished............

1 comment:

Carol Roll said...

she is Divine!!! those shoes are Gorgeous!