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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

15 1/2" Lyla................So Sweet! Hand Carved, Fully Jointed Queen Anne Wooden Doll..................SOLD

Meet Lyla.  She is so sweet with her flat straw hat on!  She is fully dressed in antique embroidered silk with fine metallic threads. 
She is SOLD but I just had to share a few photos of her.


Must share this lovely email:
Hi Kathy,
                      I thought I heard a truck outside, and feeling hopeful and excited, rushed to the window. It was indeed the UPS truck delivering my beautiful Lyla!   Couldn't open the box fast enough. Oh, she is so very beautiful!  I love her soooo much!  I'm just thrilled beyond measure with her.  She is just truly a vision in gold, with the beautiful goldenrod embroidered silk dress, to the pretty gold silk ribbon adorning her dress and hat, and shoes.  She has such a beautiful, sweet expression on her face.  Just lovely - a stunning, amazing doll from head to toe.  The sweet little pinball adds the perfect touch!  Thank you! Your craftsmanship is truly impeccable.   I looked up the meaning of her name, and it is so fitting for her.  Here's what I found:  "Lyla - dainty, pretty, and loaded with antique charm".  Those words do describe this beautiful doll. Just perfection!   I will sit and admire her all afternoon!  Thank you so very much!!!

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