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Thursday, January 28, 2016

13 3/4" Wilma Higgs, My Newest Hand Carved Wooden Doll Circa 1680.............SOLD

I am so thrilled to show you Wilma Higgs now that she is all finished.  She is just a bit under 14" tall and all hand carved and jointed.  I have posted lots of photos of Wilma here for you to see.  I could not be more pleased with this doll.  She has wonderful patina and is dressed in some amazing antique silk.  These photos do not do her justice at all but if you like the photos, you will LOVE the doll.
She has little silk shoes as well of course and a simple hand stitched petticoat.
You will see that she asked for a handmade pinball to hang from her waist as well so she has one.
the ruffles are her neck and on her sleeveletts are antique and so tiny and are all hand stitched as well.
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Wilma Higgs is SOLD.

These are Wilma's sweet little silk shoes



Jointed at the hips and knees. Wilma sits well.

Must share:
Dear Kathy,

Wilma Higgs arrived right on schedule and I am so delighted with her! She is so lovely! Her gown, cap, and shoes are exquisite! The workmanship and the tiny stitches are stunning! The carving and painting are wonderful! You are the best "early English wooden" doll maker!!! Thank you so much for creating Wilma!

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