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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

19 1/2" Izannah Walker Doll............................SOLD

I am so pleased to show you my “LAST” Izannah Walker doll.  She is now SOLD.  There will be no more from my hands.  This doll is 19 1/2” tall and has 3 pieces of antique undergarments and her dress is hand made by me using Antique Calico from about 1870.  Her bonnet goes with her as well.
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To all of you who have been on this Izannah Walker journey with me and have followed my progress and purchased my dolls, I humbly thank you. 

I made the decision a while ago to let go of the “Izannah Walker Doll” part of my doll making business.  My heart truly is in making English Wooden Queen Anne style dolls so that will be my main focus now.  For several years now I have made Izannah Walker dolls and loved every moment of the sewing, painting and making those 1850’s little dresses! 

I think I have a achieved what I set out to do, and that was to be able to make Izannah Walker dolls that looked like Izannah’s dolls.  I went to the very expensive task of making molds off of 3 of the 6 antique Izannah Walker original dolls that I sought out, purchased and studied.  Just to be able to hold the originals and study how they were made and feel the history in my hands gave me all the inspiration I needed to make Izannah Walker dolls.  The journey has been wonderful and fulfilling and a great creative challenge for me.  For this, I thank Izannah Walker for showing the world her amazing talent in the field of early doll making through her portrait dolls. 

I will be disclosing in a week or so the person that is taking over my molds, patterns, and tips.  She is as equally excited to be making these dolls with my original molds as I was when I made my First Izannah Walker doll.  I will be happy to share this info and a link to her site just the moment she lets me know I can share the secret!!

If you have questions or would like more photos of my “LAST” Izannah Walker Doll just email me:
She is SOLD
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Thank you!!


Unknown said...

Your dolls are absolutely exquisite. Your sewing skills are extraordinary too. You are an amazing artist! A lucky person will be working with those Izannah molds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy! We will miss you in the Izannah world. I have two of your children, and since then--I've acquired a genuine Izanna... A holy grail doll I never thought I'd own. They all look great together.

I also have one of your Higgs--a doll that is even beyond Holy Grail. Your creations fill in the blanks and fulfill the dreams of those of us who cannot have an original Higgs, Izannah, Regency... Good luck in your new endeavors. Teri Rowe