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Sunday, May 4, 2014

24" Lord Leopold, ready to meet his Lady!...........................SOLD

As promised I am posting the union of Lord Leopold and Lady Elizabeth................
As written buy their owner.

" It was LOVE at first sight. Lady Elizabeth took one look at Lord Leopold. She  knew then that they would spend the rest of their lives together. Although neither spoke a word, they shared that same thought.
The handsome guest was invited to tea, but he would stay forever."

Dear Kathy,
He arrived at 7:26 p.m. In time for tea.
LE and I are both in love. LL is perfection. You were right he is much better in person. He is dressed impeccably. Such fine fabric could only come from the best producers in the world.
Again thank you for making this wonderful doll for me. I am already thinking about children. They will have to wait awhile. I don't want anyone to think that LE is a
fast woman.
Meanwhile, I will enjoy them both tremendously.
Have a great day,

This doll was a custom order for a very patient lady.  All of his clothing is removable and lined as requested.  I just had to share some photos of him with you so you could see how much detail went into this doll.  This week he will meet his Lady Elizabeth friend that I made a couple years ago.  I am promised a photo of the two of them together and I shall share that photo as well.




Unknown said...

You are truly amazing!

Penelope said...

Oh my, what a handsome young lord. You truly have a gift. Kindly, Penelope

Carol Roll said...

This is the most beautiful doll! Your talent is amazing!

victorialouise said...

Exquisite is the first word that comes to mind! Absolutely wonderful!

Christine LeFever said...

What a beautiful love story with a totally handsome suitor to love and adore his lady for all days to come. As ever, you are a magician, my Dear.