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Friday, April 18, 2014

Lady Eliza Higgs, 13 1/2" Wooden Doll.................SOLD

I have just put these new photos of Lady Eliza Higgs on my site.  She is 13 1/2" tall and SOLD.
I had some photos of her here when I had her mate, Lord Harry Higgs available.  When he sold I forgot to add photos of Eliza showing that she is available.  I LOVE this doll.  Her patina is wonderful and she is dressed in very early silk.  Her head swivels and if you scroll down to the last photo you will see her head laying in my hand so you can see the wooden peg that inserts into her torso and allows her head to turn and pose her nicely.  My old William Higgs doll was made this same way and I have copied the torso and head from my original 1680's wooden doll.
Her body is wonderful!
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Lady Eliza Higgs is SOLD


Eliza has a swivel head, just like my old William Higgs doll had.


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