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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lord and Lady Higgs..........Hand Carved Fully Jointed Dolls.........SOLD

I could not wait for you to see what I have been up to here.
Meet Lord and Lady Higgs, Harry (SOLD) and Eliza (AVAILABLE).  I am so pleased with these two swivel head William Higgs style wooden dolls.  Harry is 14" and Eliza is 13 1/2".  They are available and can be purchased together or separately.  (shhhhhhh.....don't tell them this, they love each other!)
I am putting a bunch of photos of them on here for you to view tonight and then tomorrow I will try to get some better photos.  The sun was just pouring in here today and it was really hard to take photos.  I guess we should not be complaining about the sun!
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I was just looking at other folks making woodens (and IW dolls) online, sure there are a couple folks doing a good job but then they lose it with the details, like using a sewing machine rather than hand stitchery, or thin patina that just falls terribly short of the mark -- there was one site that looked as if the person is blatantly trying, with little success I might add, to mimic your fine hand -- the point I am making is that I had to stop in over here to see the top shelf of fine period dolls. Of the dozens of wooden doll makers on the market today, there are three artist worth watching (imo)and you are the Grand Madame first and foremost.
As always Your Higgs dolls Inspire and look as if they have traveled through time properly, this couple is fiercely fashionable.

As ever,