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Monday, March 17, 2014

Meet Elspeth, 17 1/2" fully jointed English Wooden Doll.............SOLD

I am so pleased to show you Elspeth.  I have posted lots of photos for you to see.  The very early silk that her gown is made of is not as bright as it seems in these photos.  I think my flash and the sun in here this morning have caused this. 
Elspeth is fully jointed and has upper and lower wooden arms with linen joints so she really poses well.  She is an amazing doll in person and so much nicer than these photos.  Notice her leading strings on the back of her gown.  She is a lovely young lady and looking for a new home.  Elspeth is SOLD.

The true colours of her gown and shoes are Mustard gold, cranberry and a very faded teal blue.


See her leading strings on the back of her gown............I just found this interesting tidbit that I will share:  1740's The leading strings on the back of the dress indicate that the doll is a teenaged girl. It became common for unmarried teenaged girls to have leading strings on the back of their gowns to show that they were still under parental control.


If you would like more info or photos just let me know.
Elspeth is SOLD

1 comment:

Penelope said...

How nice to see more photos of Elspeth. Her face is so full of expression and beauty. And, the info on the leading strings was interesting. Glad she has a new home. Penelope