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Sunday, June 2, 2013

20" Izannah Walker Doll....................SOLD

With much hesitation I have decided to put this 20" Izannah Walker doll on my site for sale.  I was sure I could not part with her but I will.  She has bare feet with little stitched toes and is wearing little handmade socks and shoes that I made just for her.  Her undergarments are nothing short of wonderful and are all hand stitched and made from a very early antique baby gown from the UK.  Her dress is made from some amazing antique 1860's calico that I had been saving for a special doll.  She also has a handmade straw bonnet with matching fabric.  She has 5 loose soft ringlets across the back of her neck and swooped hair on the sided of her head.  You really can see the strands of her hair and it is amazing but hard to get photos of.  I cannot tell you how much nicer this doll is in person..............another reason I thought she might just live with me! 
She is SOLD and if you have questions or would like more photos just email me:
Thanks for looking!


If you have been wanting one of my Izannah Walker dolls, this one will not disappoint!



Carolyn said...

She is stunning! I wish she could come to live here. She would be treasured, but I'm sure she will be treasured wherever she ends up. :o)

marian said...

Kathy, she's adorable and i'm sure she'll be snapped up in no time :))) cheers...Marian