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Thursday, February 14, 2013

20" Izannah Walker doll...............................SOLD

Just a quick not to say that I have a 20" Izannah Walker doll all finished and available.
Her clothing has taken me hours and hours of sewing but she is fabulous!  Her drop shoulder dress is amazing and from the finest antique calico.  I have made her a very sweet apron as well. She has 7 ringlets across the back of her neck and one on each side of her head in front of her ears.  Wonderful!
If you have been waiting for the next Izannah Walker doll, here she is!
Happy Valentine's Day!




Elena said...


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Oh, she's breathtaking!

maddyrose said...

Kathy, she is beautiful!

WENDY said...

She's beautifully created,as all your work is .I'm so pleased you are back at what you do so well. The clothing/fabric are lovely

Anonymous said...

I have fallen in love with Izannah Walker dolls. where have they been all my life??? At last a doll that has stolen my heart. I love dolls but this is IT.

Jenny wren