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Sunday, July 31, 2011

20" Matilda Walker is finished and (SOLD)...... take a look! Click on any photo twice to see full screen close-ups.

I do not usually name my Izannah Walker reproductions but this one I called Matilda Walker.  She is 20" tall and her 3 pieces of undergarments are antique ones and her claret dress is handmade by me from antique calico cotton from about 1875.
She also has a three tone blue dress, from equally as old calico, that fits her as well so she can be purchased in either dress or both.
She has 5 ringlets across the back of her head and quite worn paint at the front, just as my original antique Izannah has.  The cracks that you see on her face are the same as on my original old Izannah.  I love that worn and loved look!
Matilda is now sold.


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taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Oh, she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!~~hugs,Jen

maddyrose said...

You did a wonderful job on her. She's beautiful.

Carolyn said...

She is amazing! What great talent you have!