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Friday, April 9, 2010

21" Belinda Higgs.......................

This 1680's William Higgs style doll is affectionately named Belinda Higgs.  She is just over 21" tall and all hand carved from basswood that grew here on our property.  She is fully jointed and has that very round Higgs style head with painted eyes and very red cheeks.  She has wonderful patina and a very sweet face.  Her clothes are all cottons and linens that are antique.  Her pocket is all hand stitched embroidery and made just for her.  She has a pinball that hangs from her waist hook and an apron with tatters from all the works she does....................ya right!
She is a delightful doll and worthy of a nice place amongst early dolls.
That was quick!  Belinda Higgs is sold and moving to Alaska.
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Finegan Antiques said...

Since my absolute love is the 17th century, this doll is by far my favorite. You have captured the essence of the 1600's in this wonderful creation. The clothing is astounding and purely stunning!


Lauren said...

OMG ABSOLUTELY amazingly beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Belinda's pocket is absolutely wonderful... would they not be a handy addition to one's wardrobe nowadays?
Susan x

Dolls from the Attic said...

Just stunning! No wander she is already gone. What exquisite work you do!