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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunny Sunday!

The Higgs type in the antique crewel skirt is SOLD, as is the naked Higgs type in the back of this photo.
The baby Jayne Higgs and the 14" Belle are available for sale. SOLD

Just a couple of photos to share on a sunny Sunday!

I am cleaning my studio........and not a moment too soon!!!! These wooden ladies are watching me and some are asking if I might get around to finishing them off soon. The answer, of course, is soon as I clean up my mess!
Anyone who has a work space will understand this. One can only take so much until it is time to re-organize.
Have a great day,

1 comment:

Linda Searle Dolls said...

Kathy, your dolls are amazing. They look like they've been found in an attic trunk. Just beautiful. Linda