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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally some good photos of Ally....


Ally has been finished for a while but I guess I did not get good photos of her on here for you to see. So, here she is. 20" tall and fully jointed. See her little pocket and key!
She has antique black glass eyes and tiny dots on her eyebrows and eyelids. She is very sweet, but large!
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Ally can also be seen in the latest copy of Early American Life magazine along with our home. It is the new Christmas Issue that has just come out for 2009. If you would like to see our home be sure to pick up a copy or call EAL and order one and a subscription.


Christine LeFever said...

I just love that picture of YOU sewing away and working on your incredible dolls!

Christine LeFever said...

Well, naturally I have that magazine and simply drool over your wonderful sanctuary that is so very far from the madding crowd. Positively beautiful, all!

Heather said...

she's wonderful! Oh, is EAL out now??/ I cant wait to see it! congrats!

Mia Rand said...

Your talent is simply astounding! The dolls you make are unbelievably beautiful and also accurate. I especially like Lyla - but they are all wonderful.

Carol Roll said...

You are truly the most amazing artist! the details and elegance and beauty of your work is astounding!

Julie said...

Hi Kathy,
I absolutely just Ally!!! She is just absolutely WONDERFUL!!! What a lucky lady who get her!!! and speaking of lucky ladies, I see the most FABULOUS and BEAUTIFUL Ladye Grace has found a home!!! OH, I am just am in love this ladye, what a treasure and a treat for lady who got her.