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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Naked Queen Anne Higgs type doll...


I have been cleaning my studio all morning and un-earthing some things I did not even know I had!! How does this happen?

One thing I came across what a doll I had carved a while back and set aside to work on something else (that would be the artist in me doing that!)

Anyway, occasionally I sell a naked carved Queen Anne and let the new owner have the fun of dressing one.
I have one now that is available if anyone is interested. I have posted some photos here for you to see her and what she would look like dressed as the one I did last year. If you are at all interested in her or more photos, just email me: I suspect I will still be cleaning in here all day!!


Julie said...

Hi Kathy, Naked or dressed they are the most beautiful dolls I have ever seen.Julie

Kathy Patterson said...

Well thank you Julie,
It is too bad sometimes that all the work that goes into the body and underclothes is not always seen. Thanks for looking!

Kathy Patterson said...

Isabella is finally going to get something to wear. She is moving to Wisconcin to live with Julie and baby Lily. Julie promises to make Isabella some clothes and show her off when she is dressed.
Thanks Julie!

Julie said...

Hi Kathy, I am so excited to have Isabella to come and live with me and baby Lily. I do promise pictures to you and on my blog once she is dressed. Two of your beautiful dolls gracing my home, what a dream come true, Thank you so much,Julie