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Friday, May 22, 2009

22" Amelia.....

The very large Amelia is starting to come to life. Her carved hands with forked fingers are now finished, as are her legs. She is a big doll and still naked!

Today I shall start her underclothes, yes she needs a corset, doesn't she? Hmmmm........I am thinking this lady would like to be dressed in silk and little silk slippers too.........better get to work!

If you would like more photos of "Amelia in the making" just let me know and I can email you some.


Julie said...

Hi Kathy, She is AMAZING!!!!. I absolutely just love her face. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! Julie

Lana Manis said...

Kathy ~ I am in awe of your dollmaking skills! I think you'd asked me before in an email if I collect them, no, but I would if I could afford them!

Would you mind if I ask the title of the open book behind the doll? Actually, all of the books in the photo look interesting.

Kathy Patterson said...

Thanks Lana,
go back and see the doll I just put on when your comment came in.
That book is called The Heart of the Tree and you can buy it through the Rosalie Whyle museum on line.
so many people have asked me about that book. It is such a wonderful book. If you like wooden dolls, you should order this book! Truly wonderful reading and lots of photos.