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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Meet 36" Patience, a HUGE Fully Jointed and Hand Carved English Wooden Style Queen Anne Doll ........................SOLD


This HUGE doll has been a very long time coming.
I started her last November and worked on her a bit at a time because my poor hands could not take the weight of the wooden block and long carving strokes for too long at a time.
I have dreamt of this huge doll for years and how to dress her etc.  So today I present to you 36" Patience.  A fitting name for sure.
All of her clothing is completely removable and for anyone that loves to sew she would be a great doll to sew for.
She is fully jointed and has beautiful antique black glass eyes.
Here is a list of what is included with Patience:
Blue silk stockings
Linen and silk shoes, fully lined
Fine hand stitched cotton petticoat
Hand Quilted Antique Petticoat in a wonderful faded coral shade and very tiny hand stitching
3/4 length chemise with the tiniest hand stitching and fabulous 1/2" ruffles that show above her square neck line on her dress bodice
Three strands of red glass beads
Tie on ruffled sleevelets that are all hand stitched in the tiniest stitches ever!  Amazing!
Antique lace Lappet
2pc Historically correct and fully lined gown made of period French cotton with a wonderful floral and picotage print in a teal blue and grey and cream

Lots of photos here to look at.  If you have questions or would like more photos just email me: 

36" Patience is SOLD



I hope you have enjoyed seeing Patience.  This doll is quite spectacular in person and has quite a presence in a room for sure.  She is huge!  This is the largest doll I will make.
If you have questions or would like more photos just email me:

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