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Friday, August 24, 2018

23" Fully Jointed, Hand Carved Queen Anne Wooden Doll.....Meet Jocelyn....................SOLD

I am thrilled to show you Jocelyn. This doll is HUGE and has been moved from my studio to my dining room and for a while in a big drawer!  I finally finished her off as she really needs a home other than a drawer. LOL.
Her patina is really wonderful.  She is the type of Queen Anne Doll that I often refer to as Egg Head dolls, for obvious reasons.  This style was more from the very late 1700's and into the early 1800's.  I love these big dolls with the very simple looking faces.  They have character all on their own.
I have made Jocelyn with all fully removable clothing and a few accessories.

Here is a list of all that comes with Jocelyn:
Cotton antique petticoat
Wool antique petticoat 
Cotton stripe homespun skirt (this fabric is vintage but wonderful colours so I used it)
Pair of antique linen crewel pockets 
Sewing roll made of antique early cottons
Antique needle point bag and sewing ball that I made her 
Antique sampler apron with initials M B so perhaps her name should change to?? Mary Beth??
Antique chemise with tiny button closure. 
Very early madder Caraco jacket
Lace cap
Straw bonnet
Necklace made of antique glass beads. 
Scroll through the photos and if you have questions or would like more photos just email me: 

Her sewing roll.....

Linen/crewel pockets

2 petticoats and as you see she has an antique needle point bag and sewing ball

Jocelyn's sewing roll.......


Jocelyn has an antique sampler made into an apron.  I see the initials MB so perhaps her name should be Mary Beth??
I leave it up to you!


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