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Saturday, April 1, 2017

14" ALICE, Hand Carved Queen Anne Doll, Fully Jointed..................................SOLD

Alice is finished now and available in all her finery!!
She has a tiny vinegarette hanging at her waist with an old bow.  She is dressed in VERY early silk that is so amazing.  Her stockings look like they were hand knit on pins, they are so fine.  Every stitch of her petticoat is tiny and hand done.
The lace on her cap, neck and elbows is all very early from the UK.
She is really amazing and has a wonderful unique look to her face that my photos do not quite capture as I would like.  Trust me, she is soooooooooo  much nicer in person.  Her silk shoes are darling and trimmed in tiny silk rosettes.
Her apron is removable and made of very early silk/cotton
Lots of photos!
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Alice is SOLD


Alice sits well on a small chair if you have one.
She is SOLD

I love her little smug face
She has attitude!

Alice is SOLD

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