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Sunday, September 6, 2015

15" Lady Spencer in her finery!! My Newest Hand Carved Wooden Queen Anne Doll............SOLD

I hope you enjoy seeing all the photos I have posted of Lady Spencer.  She is 15" tall and full of attitude as you can see.  She is dressed from head to toe in very early faded slightly glazed cotton......wonderful! Her beads are tiny antique amber glass beads that suit her colouring so well.
Her little shoes are silk with thin leather soles. 
She has yards of matching fancy cut ruching to match her dress.  I hand cut it all with my antique fancy cutter that I have had for years.  So fun to do but many hours of sewing!  I am so pleased with the way she turned out and I hope you are too.
Lady Spencer has a very full antique petticoat with the tiniest stitches ever.  She is amazing from top to bottom including her fully jointed body.
Her face is so sweet and she has amazing patina, much more amazing in person.
If you wish to see her body or would like more photos just ask.  If you have questions just email me:
Lady Spencer is SOLD.


Please read the lovely email that I just received from the lucky lady that just opened up the box with Lady Spencer in it!!
Lady Spencer just arrived!!!  She is beautiful - simply stunning, and I'm so very thrilled for her!!! I'm just so happy to be able to give her a good home!  Your craftsmanship and artistry is just outstanding.  She is breathtaking and I think I'll just sit and stare at her for the rest of the afternoon!   Thank you!!!

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