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Monday, September 15, 2014

9 1/2" Hand Carved Wooden Black sweet! .........................SOLD

Here she is!  It is so hard to take photos of black doll without getting a shine on her face.  She has such a sweet little face.  Her head is only about the size of a large grape.  Her fabrics are all antique and quite faded but in the photos they look bright.....they are not.
She is so much nicer in person.  I had started her quite a while ago but thought I best get clothes on her this past weekend so she can find a home.
See her sweet little carved fingers!  She is jointed at the hips but has little straight legs.  I have her standing on a tiny doll stand which can go with her as well if you need one.

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Her apron will come off should you like her just dressed very simple!

1 comment:

Carol Roll said...

So incredible!You make the most beautiful dolls!