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Saturday, February 8, 2014

23" Fanny, A Wonderful Fully Jointed Queen the making and now finished...........SOLD

I am sharing a LOT of photos with you today.  I could not be more pleased with 23" Fanny.  She is fully jointed and all of her clothing is totally hand stitched and removable.  Every piece is made with very early 1700's and early 1800's silks and cottons......right down to the thread that I used to hand sew these things for her.  The quilted silk petticoat with the and embroidered hem is to die for!!!  Her pocket matches as well.  Fanny's hips and knees are fully jointed wood and she sits and stands well.  Her arms are jointed and the elbow with linen and she has upper wooden arms as well.

Keep scrolling down.  There are at least 20 photos of Fanny and her finery and showing her getting dressed.........I have added more photos of her since my first post this afternoon.  She is now all dressed and has found a good home.
 Still does not have her sparse hair on yet...........


 Every stitch on this cap is hand stitching......

 Fanny's stomacher
 ..............and her silk hand embroidered pocket
 Silk shoes of course!
 Every stitch on this silk quilted petticoat is done by hand, including the embroidery.  This piece is from the 1700's and just to die for!!

 Petal bottom silk embroidered jacket that is fully lined and of course all hand stitched.

 Long sleeve chemise and petticoat for under her quilted silk petticoat/skirt

..........and Fanny needed a chatelaine with a pinball..........


I had a few people email me today and say how they enjoyed the photos so casually taken in my studio, even with all the mess and the iron and ironing board showing so I will post photos of her all dressed now..........on the ironing board! 
Fanny really is so much more wonderful in person.  I just can't tell you how pleased I am at the way she turned out right down to her silk shoes.
No need to write more as the photos speak for themselves. 
If you would like more info or you think you might be interested in owning Fanny just email me:
Fanny is SOLD with all of her finery that you see in the above photos.


Anonymous said...

These shots of 'in the works' really show the level of mastery. Your works are without peer, clearly. The patina on this one is extra fine.
Thank You for sharing, it's truly remarkable to see your magic as it happens.


marian said...

Kathy, oh my, she is adorable and her outfit is exquisite!! I LOVE the step-by-step pics.. so much eye candy, takes my breath away.
Thanks for sharing.. cheers, Marian

Elena said...


Judi Hunziker said...
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Carol Roll said...

This is spectacular! You are the most talented doll maker. She is amazing!

victorialouise said...

Fanny is gorgeous, I love all the detail in her outfit! Beautiful clothes. Another wonderful job Kathy!

victorialouise said...

Lovely doll, wonderful costume, you outdid yourself again!! She is gorgeous!

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

It is stunning Kathy, wherever did you find the fabric for the skirt?
A work of art, the new owner will be so pleased.
Hope you are well and staying warm in this snowy, cold Winter which I know you love.