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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Meet Kathryn Higgs, an early wooden William Higgs type doll with a swivel head................SOLD

This is Kathryn Higgs.  She is a William Higgs type doll from 1680's that is fully jointed and hand carved.  Kathryn is a swivel head Higgs.  I love this look and she has a real personality!  I thought I would share some photos of her head and her body while I was working on her.   I am so pleased with this doll.  She is 15 1/2' tall.   Kathryn truly looks like she was found in an attic!
I have been saving a wonderful piece of 1700's linen with small scale wool crewel work all over it for a special early doll.  Kathryn Higgs is now wearing it!  This is an amazing doll and I just can't wait to show you more of her.  Scroll down, I have just added lots of photos of Kathryn Higgs showing her all finished!!
This doll and the fabric on her is truly amazing and so much nicer than she looks in these photos.  The patina on this doll is really wonderful.
She is now SOLD.

Kathryn Higgs

Isn't this linen and wool crewel just to die for!!


I am so thrilled with this doll.
I hope you enjoyed seeing her.
She is now SOLD.



Carol Roll said...

Kathy your work is so incredible! A True artist! Love everything you do!

Junibears said...

You just take my breath away! To be able to carve like that, make her clothes and finish her to make her look so old and unique. I haven't the right words! Amazing!
Christmas wishes to you too! xx

The Rustic Victorian said...

She is totally wonderful! Your photos are always so good too. I hope you have a nice Christmas, I will be in touch!