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Friday, October 28, 2011

Here is Lady Margaret.........24" English Wooden Queen Anne style doll...(SOLD)

Lady Margaret is now (SOLD)


Lady Margaret is finished and SOLD.   I just LOVE this doll.  Her body is fully jointed.  Her 2pc gown is made of very early fine Linen with the most wonderful Jacobean print that is nicely faded and slightly worn in spots, adding to her charm.  Love her silk slippers......and so does she!
Lady Margaret has a really wonderful face with just the right amount of wear and patina for a doll that looks like she is from 1730 or so. She is totally hand carved from basswood that grows here on our 200 yes, she was born in Canada, although she is a pretty good replica of and Early English Wooden Queen Anne style doll.  Her eyes are antique black glass pupiless. Look at those tiny hand stitched die for!

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I just had to share this lovely email from the lady who bought Lady Margaret!

When I finally ordered Lady Margret from you, I told you I took her picture off your website as my screen saver on my phone for a month. I looked at her every time I picked it up because I thought she was truly the most beautiful doll I had ever seen. I didn't act then because I really only ever buy antique dolls, never reproduction artist dolls, but your dolls are different and I have to say your are not just a "doll" artist you are a true Artisan from the heart taking form and shape to a new over the top level....I received "Lady Margaret" today and I am Blown away! The pictures were fabulous but couldn't do the justice to the life that you gave her! From her incredibly detailed silk cap with the antique lace, her lovely polished cotton day dress to her tiny little silk slippers I couldn't fathom all the tiny hand stitching! I fell even more in love than I thought I already was!! With confidence of all the dolls I have owned she is truly my favorite doll and I am most proud! Thank you so much and your right she will need a sister! Also I saw your doll featured in August 2011 Early American Life magazine, way to go!


Rhissanna said...

The pin? Oh, dear me, yes, there's always a point when the poor things are stuck with pins. it's even worse with cloth dolls. It used to make my children shudder when I was adding limbs or trying out fabric. I always feel a little guilty about it, too.

She ia aimply gorgeous and the fabric for the gown at the little cap is just perfect. Those tiny ruffles on her undersleeve, how do you DO that? So delicate and pretty (and to scale) I'm in awe!

Dixie Redmond said...

Wow! She is beautiful!

Lisa Graham said...

Amazing details...She looks like she's from the 1600's...what a wonderful doll!

Junibears said...

I have just discovered you and your fabulous work. I am totally speechless. They look like museum pieces. Amazing! xx

Carolyn said...

Wow, you are truly talented! It would be hard to tell one of your amazing dolls from the real thing!
I am truly amazed by the inset glass eyes!