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Monday, September 26, 2011

20" Rose, hand carved English Queen Anne Doll......(SOLD)......

 Sweet Rose!!
She has been laying around here undressed for so long that I thought it was time to make her some clothes so she can step out into the world........wearing her silk slippers and flat hat!
She is dressed in old cottons and they reflect her sweet name....Rose.
Rose is 20" tall and fully jointed.  She is hand carved and her eyes are antique black pupiless glass.

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Rose is now SOLD.


Rhissanna said...

I'm in love with the hat and the wonderful little shoes. She's a gorgeous doll.

You make such beautiful dolls. I remember seeing a Queen Anne doll on the telly when I was very small. One in good condition had turned up and it was such a rarity it featured on a kid's TV show (Blue Peter, I think). I remember how taken I was by her stern, wishful face.

I'm so glad you make these, and that you make them so well.


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Oh, she's gorgeous. I'm not able to blog right now and off to the hospital tomorrow but I hope to put Rose on my sidebar today.
Warm Regards,

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Kath, I did it, she's up on my right sidebar. I hope I can have one someday.
Warm Regards,

Fran said...

Kathy, Love your creations. I added your site to my blog. Hope that is okay with you.

maddyrose said...

Rose is stunning and her outfit, shoes, hat and dress are beautiful. Notice I mentioned to shoes first? I think they're amazing.