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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good things to come..............for those who have been waiting!!

As you can see, not much new on my site for a while.
But...............................soon there will be some dolls to look at again.
I have had to take some time to take care of some skin cancer treatments (now finished) and it made it impossible for me to be in my studio and around dust, old fabrics and sawdust.
I am good to get back to work now and my studio has all been painted and remodelled while I was told to keep out of the dust.
Not to sit with idle hands, I have been hand sewing in the house and now have a bunch of Izannah dresses finished for some future Izannahs.................17 to be exact!
If you would like some photos of them or have questions as to what dolls are to be finished and available next, just email me.
Thanks for your patience and kind emails.


taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Sooooo glad you're better Kathy!!!...I didn't know til reading your post!!..Take good care of yourself and I love the dresses especially the blue one...~~hugs,Jen

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

They certainly will be lucky little ladies.
Gld to read you're on the mend and I know you love the snow but the beauty of Spring shall help to heal too.
Susan x

Paula Walton said...

I had been wondering if you were having more treatments. I'm so happy for you that they are over!

You got so much sewing accomplished, you are a marvel, as always:)

Lucky you, new paint and a remodeled studio to work in, I bet you just can't wait to launch back into making dolls!


Christine LeFever said...

Wow! I knew something was amiss, and connected to the skin cancer, but to have managed all those wonderful hand-sewn dresses while you were banished from your studio, is beyond marvelous.

So wonderful too that your studio is all redone. You go, Girl, and have the fun and joy you always do!


marly said...

Hi Kathy. Years ago we connected when I was selling a sampler on EBay and you asked about reproductions. You were kind enough to steer me to EAL when you saw (photo) my painted Santa box. When I happened to see a link to your blog, I was expecting your Santa works, and I must say that you are one talented lady! Most of us can only do one thing well, yet you have mastered two. Your dolls are marvelous. Sorry to read about your condition, glad to read you have completed treatments. Best wishes...