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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Take a look!........This Izannah Walker doll is SOLD

This is the newest of the Izannah Walker dolls that I have been reproducing off of my old Izannah Walker doll that was much loved and played with.  She is available for sale at this time on ebay.  It is the doll and the clothes she is wearing that is for sale on ebay only.
Hmmmm.......what to wear first?
This Izannah doll is available for sale but she comes with only one dress.  An extra dress can be purchased.
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Judi Hunziker said...

They say you shouldn't be envious of others things...well too bad because I am so envious of your beautiful dolls and their wonderful clothes. I love them all! dolly hugs, JUdi :)

Lone Pierette said...

Judi - I´m very envious too , it is not fair that Kathy is soooo good !

Dixie Redmond said...

That is quite the wardrobe, Kathy! It reminds me of this doll's wardrobe at the Izannah Walker Chronicles

Julie said...

Hi Kathy,
I love them all too!!! What a lucky lady who get your Izannah and what a lucky doll who get one of those dresses. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Lisa said...

All I can say is...Wow! What a wardrobe. It's as stunning as your dolls. I love the material in the pink dress.

Heckety said...

I love the way you've 'posed' her with all her clothing- it looks just fabulous! She looks lovely anyhow though, and I like the little frill of lace at her neck edge.
What is it about dolls that they never go out of fashion, and they are so comforting?

Lille Diane said...

Your work is amazing. I made a marionette when I was 11. That's the closest I've gotten to making a doll. You have a gift. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. So very nice to meet you~